Welcome To RocknCouponistas

I want to welcome you all!

I decided to make this Blog/Website to help my fellow Frugal gals. I am a beginer in what is called Extreme Couponing! Sounds exciting huh!! (like a sport or something ha,ha)

This site to help you ladies, and guys (if your out there too 😉 spend as little as possible on your everyday items! As I mentioned I too am new to this experience but I’m very excited! I’ve already made 3 successful trips and have started a stock pile (this is a stock up of items you use everyday, like toothpaste, soap and similar items, having a stock pile is great to save money in the long run because you bought it at a great price and therefore don’t need to buy it at regular price when you are in need of it) of  my own!

You will see to the left all the links to sites I use and my links to explaining how to set up a binder and learning the lingo. There are free sample sites and earning sites. If you have any questions about those please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here to help to the best of my ablities!



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