More Kroger Deals!

So I went to Kroger today to get a few things and ended up using some more last-mintue-about-to-expire-coupons and found some really great deals. You can see the other deals I found earlier this week HERE!

Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer: Holiday flavours are dicounted to 1.99 use .55/1 cnp = .99


I got 2 loafs of wheat Kroger brand bread for .39 each, 2 loaves of Kroger brand white bread for .49 each, and 2 Kroger Cinnamon Rasin bread for 1.09 each!

Check for clearanced meats and poultry, because of the holidays everyone was focused on hams and such so these items didnt sell as well therefor there are tons marked down! Even check milk!

I also got a Glade secent oil candles dish, this is the thing that you put those oil candles into they are on sale for 2.99 and then 1.99 with the P&G sale.

I got 2 bounty rolls for 2.00 because they were 1.49 each and I had .25/1 x 2 which equals 1.00 off = 1.00 each! Good deal when it comes to Bounty!

Also check out the little organic food refridgerated section. I got 4 packs of slice apples (which had 5 single serve in each) with caramel dipping sauce for 1.49 each normally 2.99 each! So good!! And a good snack!


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