Shopping Trip 1/03 SUCCESS! mwauahahaha

So I know I posted earlier already about Walgreen Deals, but man did I find more when I went there to pick up my almost free Dishwasher soap! Here’s a break down of what I got and what it cost! I was so excited haha!

Electro sol gel dishwasher tabs  on sale for 3.24(reg price 5.24) use cnp 2.25/1 = 1.24 each (and you get a print out, limit 1 reward) I bought 2! Those things are not cheap normally!

Halls Cough Drops on sale for 1.00(reg price 1.89) use cnp 1.00/2 = .50 each! YES Cough drops are those things that you never can have too many of because once you get sick you need them (at least I do) and they can get expensive to buy a few bags during flu season!

Five Star Zipper Binder on sale B1G1F 15.99, I got a 9.99 notebook free, I really needed to get this zipper thing, between cllipping coupons, printing coupons and getting coupons in the mail…I was running out of room and this will help keep me even more organized! yay!

Air Wick compact I-motion SALE 50% off, so on sale 3.99, BUT (and thats a big one!) I had a 3.00/1 cnp from yesterdays paper!!! Thats makes it .99 each! I got 2 in Lavender! (I was super excited about this..can you tell, regular price is 7.98)

Chex mix Cheddar or Traditional on sale 3/4.00, IN store Walgreens cnp .99/3 AND I had a .50/2 cnp, final 3/2.50, PLUS I got 1.50 in rewards!

PaperMate 5pk Pens regular 1.99, on sale with IN ad cnp, .69 cents!

PaperMate 5pk Mechanical Pencils reg 1.99, on sale with IN ad cnp, .19cents! C’ommon you can only beat that by FREE lol.

So saving = 39.85 thats with sales and cnps! I also got 3.00 in Walgreen Rewards good towards next purchase!

OH I forgot, I also got 2 of the manchura yoki thingies (like the big version of cup o’ noodles) reg price is .99 and I had a cnp for .50/1, so I got 2 at .49 cents each! yay dinner tonight haha

Which makes the added 1.00 in savings, brings it to 40.85! I’m so excited!

I also went to Dollar General on my way home and got 2 of the Air Wick scented oil warmers, they had them clearanced to 1.50 each I had a coupon for B1G1F and paid 1.50 for 2, they came with the warmer AND refill! If they had more I would have gotten one more set but they didn’t, but I can’t wait to set my Air Wick i-motion up in the cats’ bathroom…peeww!

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