BP Gas Rewards

How do we say thanks?
With a $10 BP Reward Card, of course!

We want to do something a little special to thank you for supporting your local BP station. That’s why we’re offering you a $10 BP
Reward Card with every fifth fill up.*


So I got gas the other day at my local BP and found out they started a new Rewards Program called BP Loyalty.

You buy 8 gallons of gas in one transaction and give your receipt to the casher and she/he will give you a Rewards card that you have to scratch off and enter the code online. Once you have 5 codes you will get 10.00 off your next gas purchase!  I love this, check your local BP to see if they are doing this too! Offer ends 3/1/11

So here’s an idea, get your cheap groceries at Kroger and use your Kroger Fuel points (you get 1point per 1.00 spent in the store with your kroger plus card) and get anywhere from .10 cents (100 points) to 1.00 (1,000 points) off of your Kroger Gas station! So use that when you have it, and when you don’t, go get you a loyalty card from BP and work toward that 10.00 off, your gonna get gas anyway why not get something back for it!


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