Dollar Tree Products!

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I picked up a few things from Dollar Tree yesterday. I mainly needed a couple of those wire drawer organizers and when it comes to anything organizing I always go to the Dollar Tree first, always has what I need and it’s cheap! While I was there I took a look around the food isles. I found this CupCake mix by Paula Deen. I am a big fan of Paula’s even though I don’t buy everything Paula, I do enjoy her recipes and man she’s just friggin Hilarious on her show on FoodNetwork!

I’ve been on the look out for a great (and easy) Cupcake recipe, because that’s going to be Cylie’s 1st Birthday theme! I’m telling you I haven’t even tasted these yet, but MAN do they smell good! The box makes 12 cupcakes, and yup you guessed it, it costs a DOLLAR! They smell so good and the fluff on the cupcake crown looks amazing, and for once, it actually made 12 cupcakes, not 10 not 14, but 12! haha it’s nice to know how many you actually really get in the box, makes planning easier!

The organizing baskets, were those little wire ones that you can put in drawers to hold odds and ends and pens and things like that. They have a couple of different types.(depends on your store to I guess)

Many people over look the Dollar Tree but it’s a good starting point for things you know cost more at department stores (like the cake mix and organizers I found) like pumice stones and Revlon make-up. You can also ask if your store takes Coupons, some don’t (like mine) but there are a few who do!

Happy hunting!


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