Your good ‘ol freezer!

So I haven’t had enough time to sit down and right out some deals for you guys yet. I did get my coupon inserts in the mail today from and man was I super excited! I was able to get enough time to organize them and cut them out. Tomorrow I’ll go through and list some deals for ya’ll.

In the mean time I figured I’d share some information that surprisingly I’ve found many people don’t know.

Your freezer is a great way to get extra deals and save them for later because your family can’t eat everything in time but you know you’ll need it later.

Here are a few things you can pick up because they are on sale, and then freeze when you get home:

Milk: You can get discounted milk at Kroger’s and then have a glass from it so there is enough room for the milk to expand. When ready to thaw, place it in your sink full of cold water and it will thaw usually within 6 hours then place it in the Fridge to finish the job! You can freeze it for about 6 months.

Yogurt: Many people have never heard of freezing yogurt. Yoplait actually says ‘ Try it Frozen’  on some of the labels. I will pull it out to eat frozen and then pull a few others to sit in the Fridge for the next day. You can probably freeze this for a few months.

Bread: I love to freeze bread, Kroger will discount bread that is going out of date in 3-5 days, and I’ll grab a few loafs for .30 each! Just freeze it and pull out a new loaf when you need it! Great money saver! I think 2 months is my max on this, after that it kinda get freezer burn.

Bacon: My family is small, right now it’s just my husband and I, my daughter doesnt eat solid foods yet, so we don’t eat bacon fast enough and it will go bad, I’ll cut the package in half and put them in ZipLock bags and one will go in the freezer and another in the fridge. I would say about 2-6 months on this as well.

Meat: Chicken and ground beef, pork, ribs, really any meat. I buy the ones that are on clearance the big bulk packs and separate them into ZipLock bags and label them with type of meat and date. That way when I want to make something for dinner I pull it out and thaw it in the Fridge. I will keep it for about 4 months after that it usually gets freezer burn!

Pesto and Tomato Sauce: If you make home-made pasta or pest sauce, you can put them in a leak-free ZipLock bag and freeze them flat and then store them upright like a filing system, that way when your ready to make dinner you just grab it out and warm it back up in a pot! Save this for up to 6 months!

Left overs: I will make extra chilly, spaghetti meat sauce, hot dogs and beans and freeze them in TuperWare and save them for a night I don’t feel like cooking. I’ll save these for a few months.

*These are my own opinions*

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