Newbies shopping at CVS

I’ve mentioned before that if you are getting started at CVS, you’ll have to pay a little out of pocket to get started with Extra Care Bucks (ECB an instore credit good towards your next purchase). Of course once you get those started the goal of the game is to get back the same amount of ECB as you pay.

For example: The Electrolite dishwasher gel packs. On sale for 3.00, (buy 20.00 get back 10.00ECB) buy 4, use (4) manf cnp 2.25/1, = .75 each, also buy airwick imotion 5.00, buy 2, use (2) 3.00/1 = 2.00 each, Full price = 22, Total with cnps = 7.00, THIS is where your ECB come in handy, USE 7.00 in ECB, (you’ll have to pay 1.54 out of pocket for tax!) get back 10.00 ECB, SEE you MADE money on this deal!

Ok so you don’t have any ECB yet and want to know the best way to accumilate those Bucks with least amount out of pocket as possible.

First off always go to the Magic Coupon Machine, and scan you card, this will be located towards the front of the store, when you scan it, sometimes you’ll get really good CVS coupons!

Option #1:

This week CVS has a buy 25.00 worth of Kleenex, Cottonelle or Scott Products, get back 10.00 ECB, so this is a bit out of pocket but its a get way to get started with products you need everyday!

They are having sales on these items too, so you could stock up on your papertowel (Scott 10pk for 10.00) and get a a ton of toilet paper (Scott 24pk for 10.00) and buy some facial tissue (Kleenex 3.00 for a 3pk) and get a tub of wipes (Cottonelle bathroom wipes 2.00)

Then you have a TON of paper towel and s TON of Toilet paper, and lets face it, we all go through that stuff fast!

Another option:

Do the stock up for the super bowl by buying 20.00 worth of Pepsi, Gatorade, Doritos, Lays, Amp and other select products.

You can get alot of stuff for 20.00! Pepsi 2liters 5/5.00 and Lays and Doritos 2/5.00.

Option #3:

Buy 20.00 worth of Maalox, Gas-x, Prevacid, or Benefiber get 10.00 ECB.

We got 5.00/1 cnp Maalox in sunday paper (1/9)  CVS has these for 5.49 (12oz) so buy 4 and use 4 cnps, out of pocket cost = .49 each (this is about as least out of pocket this week haha) You’ll get your 10.00 ECB even though you used cnps!

Hope This helps, I’ll  be making a run to CVS this afternoon so I’ll update you on any unadvertised deals!


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