SwagBucks Mega pts Friday!!

So On Friday (tomorrow) you can win higher bucks on your searches! I’m so close to getting my 5.00 Amazon Card! I just used my 10.00 one from VeiwPoints on a subscription to All You Magazine! (Can’t wait to get my first one!)

Ok so back to SwagBucks!

You can win when you use their toolbar to search!

Here’s what I do:

  • I installed their toolbar as my primary search bar and every few searches I end up winning anywhere from 7-11 SB (swagbucks). On Friday you can win much more! Some people win 50-1000 points! (I haven’t yet but I’m hopefully haha)
  • Play FREE games and you can win a few SB every few plays or so.
  • Find the CODE, a daily occurring and its free points, if you like Swaggernauts on Facebook they let you know when the code it up and give you a hint. (I don’t do this very often because it takes too much time, you kinda have to be on the look out all day, and I have more important things to do!)
  • Answer a poll everyday. This is really easy, just go to the poll on the side, and you’ll get 1-2SB just for visiting and that at least 60 and month!
  • Take Surveys, just go to the Survey page and see if there are any available for you at that time.

I’m saving up for the 5.00 Amazon Card, that only takes 450 SB! You can get this pretty quickly! I’m already at 290! I’ve only been doing it for 2 weeks I think I should have it by next week or earlier!

Too Easy if you ask me!



  1. Go here to sign up for SwagBucks! Starts you out on the right foot 🙂 You’ll get 60SB for signing up as a new member! Also Enter this code in the “Gimme” Box and earn an extra 30 “SBGames”

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  3. […] And Finally, the last -$6.37 was in Amazon.com Gift Cards, I earned from Swagbucks!! […]

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