Beginners Stockpile!

I wanted to show off a little of my hard work in the past few weeks! I made this site to help my fellow neebies start the saving process and get a little stockpile going but get it free or REALLY cheap in the process!

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This is my Laundry room and freezer. Can you tell I love manager discounts haha!

I participated in this weeks Frozen Deal at Krogers. Buy 10 qualifying items and get 5.00 off, but I used a crap-load of coupons to make it worth while 🙂

I got all this bread when it was marked down and I’ll usually replenish is there is another really great mark down or we are getting low. One of my plans this year to to buy a small freezer chest to keep in the Garage to keep my extra frozen items.

I got all those air freshners when they were marked down from the holidays, at Kroger and Dollar General! I scored most of those for free or .50 each! I also have alot of the AirWick I-Motion things for .99 at Walgreens a few weeks ago!

Send in you prictures of your beginners stockpile and I’ll put the picture up here!


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