Update: From reading the Comments on other blogs it appears that some of you were in fact able to use your $5 in deal bucks last night to purchase the Amazon gift card for only $5, however, it now appears they are no longer allowing this. If that is the case or if you already have an account you can still get this for 10.00 (still an awesome deal!) You can still get your referral 5.00 it’s just not allowing you to use it on this deal, bummer. I guess if you were fast you got it last night but they made it ‘unavailable’ to apply to this deal. I got one for me last night at 5.00 but my hubby got his at the 10.00

Wow!! This is an AWESOME DEAL! If you hurry (already 36,000 and growing sold) to get in on this deal! A 20.00 card for 10.00. Wow! Also if you are a new users you will get a 5.00 credit (seems to be about 15 mins then you’ll see the price drops on the front page from 10.00 to 5.00) Sign up and then sign out for about 15 mins, then sign back in and it should show it!

I scored one and am now working on another (in my hubby’s name). Offer is limit to 1 per person (hence me signing up  my hubby 🙂 hey he’s gonna use it because we each have seperate Amazon accounts so it’s legit hehe) You also can not buy it and gift it to someone else, and unfortunately it is only available to U.S based customers.

GO HERE to score your deal!!

(p.s. the site was a bit slow for me, I had to refresh a few times when I tried to get to the main page, just keep trying though they are getting slammed on this haha)



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