10 “Likes” and a Give-Away!

So I posted on my FB that if we get 10 people to “Like” Rockn’ Couponistas I will do a Give-Away!

We have 5 already (that means 2 people ‘liked’ us in like 5 mins of my post :)) I’m so super excited! I love you guys hehe!

Ok so once we hit 10 people the Give-Away will go live! (if this goes well then maybe I will do another one at 50..? Tell me your thoughts on that!)

Here’s the ‘fine print’:

  1. You’ll need to ‘Like’ Rockn’ Couponistas’ Facebook page! (of course silly :))
  2. You’ll need to subscribe to our email and confirm. (On the side of this page you’ll see something that says, ‘Sign Me Up’ and you’ll get an email to confirm, you’ll need to confirm it for it to count,  So you never miss a deal)
  3. Click the enter button! (you won’t see this until the Give-Away goes LIVE)


So thats it, you can’t do #3 yet but you can get ready and do 1, and 2! Good Luck! The winner will be chosen via random.org,and will be verified, that way it’s even steven fair!!


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