How to Score CHEAP diapers!!

If you haven’t already, then I strongly encourage you to sign up for an Amazon Mom account! You get 30%  off of baby supplies by being an Amazon Mom (despite the name anyone caring for an child can sign up, dads grandparents..ect) you also get 2 day free shipping! All you need to do is hit the Subscribe and save button (which will automatically send the item again in either 1, 3 , or 6 months) instead of the add to cart button, but don’t worry you can cancel a subscription at anytime after the order has shipped (I usually wait until I have my items so I know the price doesn’t change).

You should sign up with one of the following free magazine, because from time to time (has actually been a few months in a row lately) they will have these coupons in them:

Photo Credit for 10.00 picture, and Photo Credit for 20% off picture!

Here are the FREE magazines you can get:

These you can find cheap:

  • Parenting: Early Years *this one isn’t free but if you look around you can get it cheap (just got mine from Tanga for 4.00 for 1 year)*
  • Parents: currently on sale 1.00 for 1 year subscription, just enter code K9B9J4H and shipping is FREE

You can get your own subscription to these buy clicking the links above!


You can score them at doctor offices, or salons, and a few you  can get at the check out counter at Baby’s R’ Us or Toys’ R’ Us !

See my Give-away for a 20% off code!!

So Lets see how these will save us money……

Amazon mom = 30% off

Coupons from magazine = 20% or 10.00 or both!

(you can also do swag bucks, if you haven’t read my post about it find it here, you can redeem your swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards!)


Here is a current deal for this:

Note: It doesn’t have to be Huggies, this is just something I had sitting in my cart and was quick to reference!

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

Huggies Size 2 Little Snugglers 144ct= 39.21, SALE 32.75 (.23 each diaper)

Amazon Mom  & Subscribe and SaveDiscount = 30%

Price = 22.93 OR .16 each diaper, saving of 9.82 or .07 pre diaper!

THEN if you have one of those coupons!!

10.00 off coupon from magazine = 12.93 for 144 diapers or .08 per diaper!!

This doesn’t even include all the saving you could get from doing SwagBucks!! Does anyone see FREE diapers in their future! I DO!



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