Got Expired Coupons? I got an Idea!



Here’s what I’m thinking! I have a friend that is stationed overseas but I have so many expired coupons that she alone can not use them all so I’m looking for more people to give these too. I would rather donate to individuals or groups rather than the base itself because the bases get over whelmed but not everyone is able to get to the coupons before the are gone. I wanted to know if you guys wanted to be apart of a Rockn’ Coupon Project?!

Do you have friends that are stationed overseas? Do you know someone who knows someone that is stationed overseas that can benefit from coupons ? You can email me their email or have them email me directly! Please do not give their information out without their consent and you can comment below to ask questions but please do not give out personal addresses or specific information about the base your friends or family are stationed at.


* I know most people know this but unfortunately we can not send coupons to a war zone, they won’t be able to use them as their is not really anywhere that will accept those*


Does this sound like something you all would be interested in? Do you have an idea or another program that we can look into instead, I’m open to ideas, I just don’t want these coupons to go in the trash!! Please leave me your thoughts below in a comment!


~Thanks ya’ll~



  1. Maggie Carr said

    I’d love to be a part of this, but I really don’t know anybody livings overseas.

    • I think I may try to just adopt a base because I think there are alot of people who want to get involved but like you, they don’t know anyone either 🙂

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