Diapers without Amazon.com!

I know I know, more diaper deals 🙂 But to be honest, I personally am trying to stock up because I can NEVER find a good price on diapers, granted I’m still new to alot of couponing but still, I’m tired of paying full price for diapers, it’s too expensive since we go through them so quickly!! I figure there are other mom’s concerned with this as well!

*Wow* so we got some AWESOME Huggies coupons in this past Sunday’ paper! I still have some pampers coupons, but I have a little girl and Huggies seem to work the best for her.  That’s why I get super excited when we get Huggies coupons, I feel like there are always Pampers ones out there and never Huggies. Anyway, I was cooking up a few deal sernios for those coupons and the Rewards at different stores!

We live in the area that has a Meijers Store. Meijers is a Grocery store that, in my opinion, is VERY similar to Super Walmart. Well I got a Catalina (the coupons that print at the register) for $3.50 off my next shopping for buying 6 bags of Chex mix the other day and got one for Walgreens’ as well.

I WANTED to buy more Chex Mix to get another $3.50, but that Catalina is finished, the last day was 1/23/11 😦 poo would have made this deal REALLY awesome.

Meijers Diaper deal:


Buy 1 Huggies size 2  36ct (they have other sizes on sale too) = $8.49

Use 1 $3.50 catalina, AND $2.00/1 cnp

Final = $2.99 for 36 diapers or .08cents each!

Walgreen’s Deal:


Buy 1 Huggies size 2(other sizes available) 36 ct = $8.99

Use 1 $3.50 Catalina (I got one here too) AND use 1 $2.00/1

GET back $2.00 in Rewards

Out Of Pocket = $3.49 or .10 each, final cost with reward back for next order = $1.49 or .04 each!

If you don’t have the Catalina’s don’t worry they are still a great deal! Just use 1 $2.00/1 cnp and pay $6.99 and still get back $2.00 in Rewards towards next order! Final = $6.99 or ,19 each AFTER rewards = $4.99 or .13 each!

Obviously it would be the best deal with Catalina’s or even better on Amazon, but I already used my coupons on Amazon so now I gotta get a deal where ever I can at the stores!

Tell us what kind of diaper deals you’ve gotten lately, I’m curious!!


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