Get Paid to Search!

I know most of you have heard of or are part of SwagBucks, but just incase there are a few of you that are new to this blog and aren’t familar I want to share the experience I’ve had so far with Swag Bucks!

Above is a screen shot from my account you can see that I have 3 $5.00 Amazon Cards that I’m waiting to come through! I’m super excited because Gift Cards once applies to your Amazon account, never expire and I got all these for FREE! I searched and completed a few free offers, for auto insurance and watched videos, things like that, and with in 2 weeks made $15.00! I wasn’t going strong in the first week because I was still getting the hang of it!

I encourage ya’ll to look into it, a few minutes a day will get you a few extra dollars that you can use on whatever you want! I used $6.37 the other day to get a free case of diapers. I will just keep saving my Amazon dollars to buy stuff as I need it and replenish it with SwagBucks (side note, I know other users are saving for an Ipad another member just bought this AWESOME photography studio) Go here to see the group on Facebook 🙂

There is a link on the side bar if you are interested in checking it out 😉

Good night ya’ll!

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