AGAIN!! FREE eye Glasses from!

Hurry this is a *HOT* deal! You can get some FREE eye glasses today, Friday January 28th 2011 starting at 9AM EST until noon!


Coastal Contacts - contact lenses


Go to their Face book page and ‘Like’ them is you haven’t already!

You will see a tab that says 10k AMERICA! Click it and it will show you the code you will enter at check out!

Pick out a few different frames (sometimes they sell out so be ready, and also you can not choose the ones that say coupon not applicable ) and know your prescription. You will have to pay shipping and handling, which is around 10-15$ and if you want any of the extras or thinner lenses (if you have really strong prescription) and finish the purchase! It will take around 2weeks or so to get your glasses! (Mine took less than a week so I got lucky!)

These are the ones I got last time! I’m wearing them as I type hehe!

Tip of the trade, last time my code started working about 5 minutes before it was supposed to start 😉 Good Luck guys!


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