Make BEAUTIFUL Dollar Store DECOR!

I went to the Dollar Tree the other day and found a few awesome things!

These are a MUST have to keep your closet organized and looking nice, they are very skinny felty hangers, they take up MUCH less room than a normal plastic or wooden hanger. They come in 2 packs, but compared to what I’ve seen these are the cheapest I’ve found around here!


These are candle holders/ candy holders for parties/ popourii holder, anything really, you could even put it in your bathroom to hold cotton balls and cotton swabs!

Here’s how I made them! (I made 2 for $3.00)

2 bowls, and 2 pillar candle holders (sold 2 for $1.00)

Use E6000 Glue and let sit!

That easy!

Also, if you are planning a birthday party for children this is a great place to get party supplies, I’m doing a cupcake theme for my little girl’s 1st birthday this year, but I’m doing Zebra and Hot Pink colors, so I think I will get a few table clothes and silver ware, to save a few dollars!

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