DSW Shoe Warehouse = My New Favorite Place!

I was shopping around town and decided to stop into my local DSW Store. I have never actually shopped in this store, I walked in once before (a long time ago) and was sticker shocked so badly that I ran out of the store and never looked back. Some of you may be like ‘what, DSW is awesome, no sticker shock unless you look at the items NOT on sale.’ Well thats what I missed the last time I was in this store…I didn’t go to the back of the store….shame on me, I soo should have, I probably would have been a fan LONG ago.

I almost got a pair of flip flops but they didn’t fit right, although the price was right, had they fit I woulda been set for summer! They were Guess flip flops with a little ‘bling, bling’ and 80% off (yes your heard right!) They were only $5.00!

This made me excited to stay in the store and search around a bit more (but only in the back of the store ;))

LOOK what I scored!!


This purse is normally $130.00 at the DSW Retail price, they had it clearanced to $89.94 then they had it 70% off of that! That comes out to be $62.96 off!! Total : $26.98 oooohh yeahh! I was super excited! The little coin purse was $2.98, it’s not Guess but I thought it was cute for holding change and hair ties (maybe a pacifier or two..?)


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