Tracking Your 2011 Savings!?

Are you wanting to shrink your grocery bill for 2011?  How about just your overall spending? I’ve been tracking my SAVINGS this year and so far I’ve been amazed!

Last year I spent about $250.00 a month in groceries alone! I have spent $150.00 in groceries in January 2011! That includes household cleaners, food, beverages and paper products, baby AND pets! That is a saving of $100.00 for January!! WOWZA!

I’ve also done alot of savings through the internet! Including food, diapers, and just needed household items and getting them for less!


What have I done to streeetttccchhh my dollars this past month?


  1. Coupons coupons COUPONS
  2. Sales
  3. Matching my coupons with sales!
  4. Reduced and clearance diary, meats and slightly damaged goods
  5. Discounts online
  6. Free money through pages like SwagBucks, Mypoints, and countless survey sites

Lets start with #1: Coupons coupons COUPONS:

Clip your coupons from the Sunday paper! Even if you think you may not need any products from that paper, odds are… will a few weeks AFTER you clip them. A deal will come up and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting that coupon! I can say this from the many deals I’ve missed out on, haha.

You don’t have to get 10 papers. Just get 1 and learn to stack those coupons with sale items and in store coupons! Once you get it and feel confident then you can up the quantities.

#2: Sales:

Try not to buy anything unless it’s on sale. The best way to save money is to never pay full price for anything if at all possible! Obviously if you run to the bathroom and you have nothing to use on your tush and nothing is on sale, please by all means go get you some toilet paper haha!

#3: Matching Coupons with Sales:

The ultimate savings at the store is using coupons on sale items. This gives you a double savings! Here’s an example: Can of Hunts Diced Tomatoes orginally .99 each, SALE price .49 each, COUPON .50/3, (buy 3 cans = $1.47) you pay = $1.00/3 OR if your store doubles coupons = .47/3 Which is .16 a can! This saves you .83 cents a can!!

#4: Reduced and Clearance Diary, Meats and Slightly Damaged Goods:

Stores with often discount items that are close to the sale by date. Things to look for that you can freeze and use for later are, bread products, yogurt, milk and meat! You can get ground beef for 1/2 the price by buying it on discount and freezing it until you need it!

  • I buy my bread for around .30 each and freeze them until I need them!
  • I got a 15lb bag of Cat Food for $4.99 because there was a rip at the bottom that they taped up! It still had over 13lbs of food in it!! (The original price was 10.99!)
  • I’ve gotten tons of Yoplait Yogurt for free because it was discounted AND I had a coupon!

#5: Discounts Online:

There are many great deals you can score online, and I’m not just talking about Groupons and Living social deals. There is also just plan shopping online from,,, sometimes they have better deals than the stores do and no need for paper coupons!

You can also use the internet to get coupons and print outs for your favorite stores! (I recently bought 2 free 1.6oz candles from Bath and Body by catching a coupon for in store!)

#6: Free money through pages like SwagBucks, Mypoints, and countless survey sites:

I know you guys have heard me say it before, but SwagBucks is where it’s at for free money! ( You can find the link in the side bar if you want to check it out) This is a site where you earn virtual bucks that you can redeem for really prizes and gift cards! You earn buy searching the web and completing free offers and surveys.

There are other sites you can check out, there’s where you can give your opionion on products and from time to time they will do Amazon.can GC when you do a certain amount of reviews in a certain amount of time. is a website where you can get points to trade in for products or gift cards. They are a little harder to get built up than SwagBucks but I usually just open the emails and save the 5 points per mail and once I build up enough I will cash it in. Thats pretty easy for just opening emails!


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