Fellow Couponistas and Their DEALS!

I have a few people to highlight today from some deals they were so proud of they wanted to share with me, and then in turn share with you!!

Here is my Cousin, Jamie:

‘Cassie, I got these Ralph Lauren towels today at T.J Maxx for 50% off the clearance price!! That’s $3.25!! They are huge too!!! Thought you’d like the savings!! I got some Nike Jordan basketball shorts for $5.99 they are normally $25!’

This is also what she got for V-Day!

‘Also made Valentine’s bags for 60 kids at school with candy, cards, hearts shaped erasers, stickers, and pencils!! All for $10 thanks to the Dollar Tree!!’

~ Thanks Jamie!

My Friend Bev,

‘Yeah!! I saved about $100 this weekend with Food Lion bonus bonus buys & having coupons for every item I bought as well. Some stuff even came out to be free!!’

~Thanks Bevy!

My Friend Kristin,

‘I just spent $6.22 and got 9 boxes of baby wipes and a $25 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant in Mercer for dinner. Score!  All I had was the 30% off and $10 dollars off. Still made the wipes only 4.22 with free shipping. Ill take it! I bought two of the $25 dollar gift cards actually. They were $25.00 originally on restaurants.com and then their discount brought them to 10 a piece and the coupon code “MEAL” made them 2 dollars a piece! Ive never been to the restaurant but its a steak and sea house and for 2 dollars we’ll try it! lol’

~Thanks Kris!

*Got a deal your itching to share!? Why not share it here where we are all excited about the next best deal!*

You can email me at rockncouponistas@hotmail.com and send the details of your lasted deal that you are bursting to share!


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