Shop it to me FREE Gift Cards!

Here’s a site I have forgotten to tell you guys, I know I’m fired! I held out on your guys!

Start finding sales now!

The site is called Shop it to me (if your a Raining Hot Coupons  Fan you know about this already!)

Basically it a site that puts together all these deals for products that you may be interested in, they offer them at a better sale price. The awesome part to this site is if you refer 10 friends you get $10.00 Gift Card to your choice! You don’t have to purchase anything and neither do your friends! Thats a sweeeet deal if I ever saw one! You can go here to sign up!!

You can refer up to 1,000 friends and get $10.00 gift cards with referrals in 10 increments, 10 people =$10.00 and so on!

You can choose from MANY gift cards,, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, Gap, Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters and MORE!


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