Goodies in the Mail! Yay!

I took a bunch of pictures to show you guys what surprises I got in my mail today!!

Mail time for me is like a mini Christmas! Surprises in the mail box make me happy 🙂

I got these coupons in the mail today:

P&G Solutions Coupon Booklet, I got this for sending in a receipt where I purchased $50.00 or more in one transaction.

*Don’t Think it’s available any longer but you can go here to sign up and request samples!*

I got this one the other day but forgot to share with you guys!

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

*New One Now Available*

Random Free Samples and Coupons

These are just a few, it’s important to keep your eyes open on FaceBook Pages of Brands, thats how I got the Free ThermaCare coupon!

I wanted to share this with you: Buy $15.00 in ConAgra Foods get over $35.00 in Coupons! You can click the picture to visit the site and see if you have purchased any of their products. Does not have to be on one receipt, you can send in tons of receipts as long as the purchases add up to $15.00 (not sure if it’s before coupons or not…can any one verfiy that?)

FINE PRINT: Valid through 12/26/10 – 3/31/11 MUST send in receipts with product and price circled. You can find this mail in form in All You Magazine :)!


*A reader, Cori, has brought it to my attention that it may not be in the Jan or Feb issue but the Dec issue…I tore mine out when I found it so I can’t remember which it came from 😦 sorry guys, check your old issues to see if you have it!*



  1. Cori said

    What month’s All You magazine is that mail in form in? Thanks!

    • Hi Cori,
      I want to say it was the Jan Issue, hope that helps! I’ve only bought the Jan and Feb so you may want to double check the Feb issue too!

      • Cori said

        Thanks! I had already checked Feb so it must be Jan. Now to go find my January issue. LOL

      • Hope you find it! I’m going to update the post to reflect that so thanks for bringing that to my attention 🙂

  2. Cori said

    I checked the January and February and didn’t see the form. 😦

    • oh no! You know what now that I think about it, maybe it was a Dec issue 😦 If you don’t have one, you may be able to look on the website(All you site, I checked ConAgra and didn’t see anything but haven’t checked AllYou) or go to Wal-mart and see if they have an old issue hiding in the back!

  3. Cori said

    Let me go check my December issue. LOL

    • I’m crossing my fingers haha!

      • Cori said

        I didn’t see it in the December either. 😦 But in the December there was an ad for a special Holiday edition. I don’t think I got that one with my subscription. Maybe that’s where it was. Is there an address on your form? Do you have to mail the original or can it be scanned?

      • It does say a ‘Post-Holiday Offer’ but states at the bottom that it must be an original form.

  4. Cori said

    Oh well! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  5. Sue said

    This form was in the Wal Mart version of the January issue.

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