Need a new car seat?

We went to Toys R Us today to get a much needed new car seat for our almost 10 month old.

If you are in need of a car seat, hair chair, crib, strollers, travel systems, play yard, or bassinets I recommend seeing if you can save some money by trading in one of the above items. Toys R Us and Babies R Us are doing a ‘Great Trade In’ event where you will get 25% off a new item when you bring in one of the above named items (there are brand exclusions).

Here is an examle of how it worked in my favor.

We needed a new car seat for my 10 month old daughter. We took her old car seat to customer service and got my 25% off coupon. We got the new Graco Signature Edition carseat which is really expensive, $299.99!! Something I would never normally pay!! Using the 25% cnp we saved $74.99! I also used our $10.00 gift card we won at the Huggies crawl contest a few weekends ago. Bringing our total to: $215.00!!  We were able to buy the 1year warranty because of it AND I got a few outfits that were on clearance (I have a hard time resisting little girl clothes that are on sale!)

I got a good deal becahse I bought a higher priced item and got $15.00 more for the used carseat than I originally paid for it 10 months ago! I wouldn’t even get that if I sold it on!!

Have you participated in the ‘Great Trade In’?


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