Sneakie Sneakie, make some easy money :)

I have seen a few deals going on at stores where if you buy a certain amount of a certain Gift Card you can get a ‘certain’ amount in rewards for your next order.

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Meijers: Buy $50.00 in Apple Bees Gift Cards and receive $5.00 off your next shopping trip. Idea, we eat out here at least once a month so we would just set this money aside as a budget and earn $5.00 in the process! You can do this too, or maybe you have some  friends’ birthdays coming up?!

Rite Aid, buy 2 American Express Gift Cards (have not seen any amount requirement on this) and receive $5.00 off your next shopping ship. I will do these for myself, and use them anywhere! I will probably save this for my deals and since it’s tax money season I will take some of that and use it as my deal budget!

If you can’t tell I’ve gotten really into this saving money, not just on deals but all around my house! If I don’t have a coupon or a sale for the item I want, I wait. It’s hard sometimes but I know that eventually if I’m patient I will find what I want without spending a fortune!

I’ve also become a HUGE fan of that Coupon App I found and posted here! I love being able to track my savings, it’s like a monthly report card for myself, how well did I ACTUALLY do every month! I like to see it in numbers at the end of the month and say wow, I did a great job, and helped my family save money!


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