Shopping with Gain Coupons…and a few others :)


I would have pictures, but when I got home I was so excited to get my pantry organized in the garage with the hubby that I forgot to take pics, then everything was a pretty and organized and put away, so I didn’t want to undo everything!


I went to my local Meijers today to get in on the Gain Deals that everyone on the vitrual coupon world has their panties in a bundle over (I do too :))

If you didn’t already know this Sunday’s paper had a Red Plum insert that had a killer coupon for Gain Fabric softener $3.00 of any Softener, sheets or liquid!

Meijer’s deal is 120 sheets or 51 fl oz for $3.99 and buy 2 Gain products get $3.00 coupon for next shopping trip!

I bought 2 boxes of 120 ct sheets, $3.99 each, Use 2 $3.00/1 cnp = $1.98/2 get back $3.00 register coupon

#2 Transaction, 2 liquid Gain softener $3.99 use $1.00/1 cnp and $3.00 print out from #1 = $2.98

YAY! haha, I also got these products from Meijers:

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper: ON SALE 50% off = $2.16 for 6 rolls!! I had a coupon but left the binder in the car only taking in my new inserts 😦 Still a great deal tho!

Brawny 2pk Paper Towel: ON SALE 50% off = $1.67/2 again I had a coupon but it was in the binder, this teaches me ALWAYS BRING THE BINDER! Even if you think you are just ‘running in’ pfft, you will always find something haha.

Philadelphia cooking cream cheese: Sale 2/$5.00, Use $1.50/1 coupon = $1.00 each



Kelloggs Special K Cereal Bars Strawberry: $1.99 each, buy 4 boxes, Use 2 $1.00/2 cnp = $2.98/2

Emeralds 5oz Glazed Pecans: B1G1, $3.29, Buy 2, Use 2 $1.00/1 = $1.29/2



Ragu Pasta Sauce: 2/$3.00, Use .60/2 cnp = 2/$2.40 and get $1.00 +Up Reward on 2

Colgate Sensitive Toothpastes: $3.50, Use $1.00/1 cnp = $2.50, get $3.50 +Up Reward back (limit 2)

Motrin PM: $5.49, Buy 2, Use $6.00/2 cnp = $4.98 get back $3.00 +Up on each!!

ZipLock bags: 2/$5.00, Use $1.25/2 cnp = $3.75/2 get a $2.00 +Up on 2

Axe Body Spray: 2/$9.00, Buy 2, Use B1G1 cnp = 2/$4.25 get $3.00 +Up Rewards on 2





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