My growing Stock pile baby!

Here are a few shots of my now, ever growing stock pile! If you haven’t read my other posts about stock piling here’s a few little tidbits:

  • Buying products on sale and in bulk will reduce your over all grocery bill, by buying products that you know you will use at a great price (usually for pennies on a dollar or FREE) you will no longer need to pay full price for an item when you are in need of it!
  • Focus on one thing at first, maybe you were lucky and got those Gain coupons this week, and you can get some free fabric softener, stock up on it so that it’s one less items to worry about.
  • In time you will only need to re-stock items as you use them and only buy perishable items, reducing your trips to the stores and learning to reduce your grocery bill.
  • Think of a stockpile as your own personal warehouse!

I’m still learning so I know that some of my stock up prices, could go WAY down, but I’ve still saved a ton of money, I know longer have to go MAJOR grocery shopping once a week, I just go on Sunday and get a few things (on sale with coupons) to add to my stockpile and get perishable items when needed!

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