A few ideas I’ve been kickin around

I’ve been a very busy lady! I got my coupons ordered (hopefully get them tomorrow, dang no mail on Monday lol) I took advantage of my hubby being home and did some decorating and shopping for our home, we’re still some what newly weds (2 years on the 27th!!) with a 10 month old and were stationed overseas for our first base, so we never got the chance to buy any furniture or home accents, so we’ve been putting our tax money to work, frugally of course!

Down to business! I have been putting a few ideas into action! I made some FREE business cards, with nothing but Rockn’ Couponistas info on it, just the page and email, that way when I’m running my coupon errands and someone comments on my binder (happens every time!) or I give them a coupon because they are buying an item I don’t need or have extras I can give them a card and hopefully be of more help to them down the road!

shhhh- I may even leave some on the shelf at the store with a coupon attached hehe

The other idea I’ve been looking at doing is a Coupon Class on the Air Base. I am having a hard time finding the person I need to talk to get the ball rolling.


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