FREE Diapers and CHEAP Wipes!!

Man am I excited to share this with you guys!

The new issue of Baby Talk at Babies R Us has your  $10 codes that you want in it! (March issue) They expire on 3/31/11 so should be able to get a few free or cheap diapers if you have the 20% to stack with!! I also want to note that I’m not sure if its just a glitch or if it is a new thing that they are letting you use more than one $10 per account, not at the same time but before it wouldn’t let you use a $10 twice on different orders. I’ve used 2 already, one on diapers and one on wipes….lucky me maybe!?

Huggies Size 2, Pure & Natural Size 2 72-count (2 pack) = 144 diapers

That order has the 20% ($7.76), $10, and a $9.39 (gift card promo), and Subscribe ($11.64)

Equals = 0!!


Huggies Naturally Refreshing Wipes Cucumber & Green Tea Refill bags 184 count (pack of 3)

The $10 code, Subscribe ($5.77) and .61, Gift cards $2.86

Equals = 0!! For 3 packs of 184 wipes!!


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