Fandango Tickets Deal on LivingSocial and SwagBucks, make it sweeter!!

Step 1: FYI this is how to get the best deal on this, Click the link above and create an account, (DO NOT BUY IT YET)(this will get you a credit of $5.00, if you do not use the link you will not get that 5.00)

Step 2: go to (copy and paste it into your browser) and sign up for a swagbucks account

Step 3: go to the home page on swagbucks and click the link to Fandago link to get 315SB for buying the tickets.

Step 4: Sign into the living social this way you get credit in your account. and purchase your deal.

Step 4:Check your swagbucks account to make sure you got credit for purchasing.

Step 5: Wait for the email saying your movie tickets are ready (your credit card will be charged when the deal ends, (about 10 more hours left)

DONE! I got it for $4.00 because I had done the credit for first deal when I signed up under someone for the GC they had

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