Do you shop online? Are you earning cash back for it??!

I just learned about this site the other day and although I’m new to it, the site has been around for awhile!

I learned of this site through one of the other blogs I currently read 🙂 Raining Hot Coupons!

Here’s the deal, If you already shop online, you probably do so to save even more money than you can in the store right?! Well I do at least, I mean who hasn’t gotten in on all the free diapers from and printable coupons from Old Navy and Yankee Candle! Here’s a way to save even more!

Ebates is a company that offers cash back on select stores. All you have to do is click their link when your ready to shop and you will earn cash back for your purchases! Isn’t that awesome! Just think, if you have one of those banks that gives you cash back for using your debt or credit cards, you will practically get your items for free by the time your done checking out and get your items in the mail!

WOO I need to slow down, ahaha I’m getting all excited!


Here are a few of the stores and the % back:

Disney Store – Was 5% cash back, now 7% cash back

Macys – Was 2.5% cash back, now 5% cash back

Staples – Was 2% cash back, now 6% cash back

Ace Hardware – 4% cash back

Advanced Auto Parts – 6% cash back

American Eagle – 3% cash back

Apple Store – 1% cash back

Wolf Camera – 3% cash back

Meijer – 1.5% cash back


Are you just as excited as I am now after seeing all the stores?

Ok so if your ready here’s the link! Just click here and sign up, its that easy!

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