Surprises at Meijer and Rite Aid!

You may want to check your local Meijer for these Cheapo surprises!

26oz, On Clearance (located with all the other laundry detergent and softener) $3.64, Use the $3.00/1 cnp = .64!! This is regularly $7.99+

If you want the larger one they also have the bigger powder on Clearance too! $6.64, Use the $3.00/1 cnp = $3.64! This is usually $12.99+

A small bottle of select fragrances of Downy is on Clearance $2.08, Use the $1.00/1 cnp = $1.08!

Febreeze Air and Fabric $1.72

There is also numerous beauty products that have been clearanced:

Face Lift 35-50% off and Use $5.00/1 cnp

Cover Girl products 20-75% and $1.00/1 cnps

Gillette Shampoo $1.55 (no coupons that I’m aware of)


This is what my friend found while we were shopping at Rite Aid yesterday!! She was totally stoked!

This Gain (powder) is on sale for $4.88, Use the peelie off the box (it’s a Rite Aid cnp) for $3.00/1, AND use the manuf. cnp for $1.00/1 = .88!!!


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