Mall shopping for CHEAP!


In March Victoria Secret had a promo when you bought $10 worth of items in one transaction you would receive a secret card that would be revealed in April that could be worth up to $500.00!  Well one particular day (I want to say it was the last day in March) they had an extra promo attached to this, buy $10 in one transaction (online only) and get 2 cards instead of just one!  *this promo is no longer available*

This past Saturday I had to use my secret card because 4-30 was that last day you could redeem it. I had 2 print outs I wanted to use and get more for my money! Victoria Secret and VS PINK often have freebies when you buy a certain thing or sometimes anything in store. So the above pictures are the FREE panty from PINK with any PINK purchase (it can be the smallest thing you can find :)) Then VS had a FREE Rush lipgloss with ANY in store purchase.

I bought:

1 Warm & Cozy PINK body splash $15.00 (on sale half price) = $7.50

1 FREE PINK panty with my PINK purchase $8.50 value = FREE

1 Hand sanitizer travel size = $3.50

1 FREE Rush lipgloss $11.00 value = FREE

Total = $11.72 (with tax)

USE Angels Secret Card Value of $10.00 = $1.72 out of pocket for all that stuff!!

*Victoria Secret Angels Reward Card no longer available*

To get the PINK panty coupon you will need to go here and sign up for a PINK nation access! (exp 5/11/11) You can go to here to get the coupon for the FREE Rush lip gloss! (exp 5/4/11)

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