Local deals for central Dayton :D

Okie Dokie guys and gals, here’s the deal with the blog, unfortunatley I can not keep up with everything going on AND post daily on this blog, so things will be slow around here, but don’t worry I will keep links up for you to catch those awesome DAILY deals, those who are awesome at keeping up with all the live deals all day! It’s just been to much to try and post everyday 🙂

On to better things:

Today at Target I snagged some Men’s Nivea Bodywash (finally, they’ve been out everytime I’ve gone!) The variety I got was the ‘Cool’ one, priced at $2.43, use a $3.00/1 cnp and get .41 towards your basket purchase!!

*Normally Target does not give you overage but the 2 times I did this it allowed the overage of the coupon to go towards my other purchases, my guess is that because it’s normally priced over $3, it’s allowing it to go through…not sure*

I also got some Kando flushable wipes by Pampers for .49 each, they are priced at $1.49 and use a $1.00/1 cnp = .49 each + tax! (I’m starting my stock of these now for when my 12month old is old enough to start potty training)

Lysol automatic soap dispenser is on clearance at my store for $8.48 and I used the $3.00/1 cnp making it $5.48! This was a great deal to me because it not only was a starter kit with the pump AND the soap, but it had ANOTHER soap! So the dispenser, and 2 soaps for $5.48 +tax!!

They also had Lysol toliet bowl cleaner on price drop for $1.66 and use the .75/1 cnp = .91!

On to Wally World!!

I used a coupon for $5.00 off any Just My Size (JMS) clothing item (excluding bras, underwear and shape-wear) and Wal-mart had some that were clearanced to $3.00 and up, but remember they give you the difference of the coupon either in your hand (a.k.a CASH) or towards other items in your basket! (This coupon is only good at Wal-Mart AND you can find it in the All You Magazine)

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