Binder Set-up


I use a binder to organize my coupons so my coupons are easier to find.

You can use my tabs, make up your own or go here She tells you how to quickly cut muliple coupons and how she organizes them in her own binder.

What you will need:

Zip Pencil pouch

Binder ( I recommend a 2 inch or bigger that either has a zipper or pockets on the inside)

Page dividers

Baseball card protector sheets (walmart, or target)



Envelopes with store names written on them


My tabs: With Examples

Frozen food (Pizzas, Veggies)

Baking Items (Sugar, Spices, Flour)

Paper Goods (Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Tissues, Paper Plates)

Boxed Foods/Snacks (Popcorn, Nuts, Mashed Potato Flakes, Hamburger Helper)

Baby/Pets (Diapers, Cat Food)

Refrigerated Foods (Eggs, Pilsbury Biscuts or Cookie Dough, Butter, Milk)

Toilette-tries (Deodorant, Shampoo, Razors, Hair Care)

Medicines (Advil, Bandages, Benedryl)


Meats (Poultry, Non-Frozen Sausage, Lunch Meat-which could go here or under refrigerated, depends on you)

House Hold Items (Batteries, Candles, Room Sprays or Plug-Ins)

Beverages (things that are not refrigerated, like ocean-spray grape juice and things like that)

Breakfast items (Coffee, Cereal, Cereal Bars)

Bread (non frozen loafs and buns)

Condiments (Peanut Butter, Jelly, Ketsup, things you’d find down this isleI even put pickles and olives here)

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