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Local deals for central Dayton :D

Okie Dokie guys and gals, here’s the deal with the blog, unfortunatley I can not keep up with everything going on AND post daily on this blog, so things will be slow around here, but don’t worry I will keep links up for you to catch those awesome DAILY deals, those who are awesome at keeping up with all the live deals all day! It’s just been to much to try and post everyday 🙂

On to better things:

Today at Target I snagged some Men’s Nivea Bodywash (finally, they’ve been out everytime I’ve gone!) The variety I got was the ‘Cool’ one, priced at $2.43, use a $3.00/1 cnp and get .41 towards your basket purchase!!

*Normally Target does not give you overage but the 2 times I did this it allowed the overage of the coupon to go towards my other purchases, my guess is that because it’s normally priced over $3, it’s allowing it to go through…not sure*

I also got some Kando flushable wipes by Pampers for .49 each, they are priced at $1.49 and use a $1.00/1 cnp = .49 each + tax! (I’m starting my stock of these now for when my 12month old is old enough to start potty training)

Lysol automatic soap dispenser is on clearance at my store for $8.48 and I used the $3.00/1 cnp making it $5.48! This was a great deal to me because it not only was a starter kit with the pump AND the soap, but it had ANOTHER soap! So the dispenser, and 2 soaps for $5.48 +tax!!

They also had Lysol toliet bowl cleaner on price drop for $1.66 and use the .75/1 cnp = .91!

On to Wally World!!

I used a coupon for $5.00 off any Just My Size (JMS) clothing item (excluding bras, underwear and shape-wear) and Wal-mart had some that were clearanced to $3.00 and up, but remember they give you the difference of the coupon either in your hand (a.k.a CASH) or towards other items in your basket! (This coupon is only good at Wal-Mart AND you can find it in the All You Magazine)


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Update and Walmart Prices!

I’m back and ready to go! I took a little vaca because my daughter turned one and we had family in town. I took a few extra days off to recover from the party and the clean up before adding the blog back to my plate of daily to do’s!

With out further a do, here are a few ideas you can get free and use the overage from those items towards other things you need!

I want to thank I ❤ the mart, I ran through his site to pull the money makers to make into one list 🙂 Plus some of the ones I’ve personally come across that I’ve found!

Reach Floss .88, Use 1.00/1 cnp = FREE with .13 overage (4/17 ss)

Reach Toothbrushes 1.00, Use 1.00/1 OR 2.00/2 = FREE (4/17 ss)

Degree Deodorant (men’s or womens travel size) .97, Use 1.00/1 = FREE .03 overage (4/17 ss)

Airwick Warmer .87, Use 1.00/1 = FREE with .13 overage (3/20 ss)

Similac Formula 3.84, Use 5.00/1 = FREE with 1.16 overage (4/3 ss)

Bic Razors (12ct) 1.97, Use 2.00/1 = FREE with .03 overage (3/27 ss & 4/10 ss)

Skinny Cow Ice cream cups 1.22, Use 1.00/1 = .22 (Facebook printable)

Nivea Body wash 3.00, Use 3.00/1 = FREE (4/17 ss)

Lysol Wipes 1.89, Use 1.50/1 (facebook cnp) = .39 (facebook printable)

Purex 3 in1 travel size .97, Use 1.00/1 = FREE with .03 overage (3/13 rp)

Tide travel size detergent .97, Use 1.00/1 = FREE with .03 overage (P&G savings book)

Cascade trial size (3ct) .97, Use 1.00/1 = FREE with .03 overage (P&G savings book)

Always Liners (18-20ct) .93, Use 1.00/1 = FREE with .07 overage ( P&G savings book)

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I’m super excited about this post! This is the best I’ve ever done in one shopping trip! A Large trip I should say!

Here’s the break down:

I did 7 transactions and my friend did 7 as well (because the $5.00 off any one Similac Product coupon said 1 coupon per transaction)

Here’s my 7 transactions (This was a pain too!)

#1 & #2

1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Purex 3 in 1 Travel detergent: $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 dozen Eggs: $1.29


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Purex cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

=$ .07 + $.63 in tax = $.70

#3 & #4

1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Purex 3 in 1 Travel detergent: $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

2 Baby Water: $1.00 x 2


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Purex cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Nursery Water $.55/2 cnp

= $.23 + $.63 in tax = $.86



1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Travel size Head and Shoulders $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 Kleenex Hand towels: $2.77


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

1 $2.00/1 Head and Shoulders cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Kleenex $.75/1 cnp

= –$.20 + $.81 in Tax = $.61



1 Similac Can Formula : $4.17

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Always Liner: $.93

1 Travel size Secret Clinical Deodorant: $2.47

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 Gift bag for my baby’s 1st B-day: $3.00


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

1 Secret Clinical Deodorant $3.00/1 cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Always Panty Liner $1.00/1 cnp

= $.54 + $.98 in tax = $1.52



1 Similac Can Formula : $4.17

1 Always Infinity Pads 14ct: $3.97

1 Travel size Tide Detergent: $.97


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 Tide $1.00/1 cnp

1 Always Pad $2.00/1 cnp

= $1.11 + $.32 in tax = $1.43



Oops I guess I guessed wrong when I put this on my face book 🙂


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a few deals!

Sorry guys I’ve been slacking lately! I had so many things going on around the house that I wasn’t able to update the blog as often!


Here are a couple things going on right now!

  1. FREE Full size Tide Stain Release, just go to their FaceBook and take the challenge!
  2. CVS $5 off  your total of $40 printable coupon
  3. X Box 360 199.99 on and get back a $50 Gift Card
  4. Free Orvil Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl
  5. 4 codes SPRINGHASSPRUNG = 10, & CesarChavez2011 = 10, & 10000LatinasFbk = 10, & GTGREWARDS4MOMS = 10
  6. Free sample or coupon of Boogie Wipes!
  7. Free finger bands for Google Chrome!
  8. Free sample of Nescafe Tasters Choice Coffee
  9. Dial for Men Prizes on FaceBook!
  10. Lowes Home Improvement $10 off $50 purchase coupon!

Hope these are helpful, hurry because most of these will run out soon!

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The Drug Store Deals 3/20

These are my favorite deals so far at the drug stores this week!

Listerine Pocket Packs: 5/$5.00, Use .50/1 cnp = .50

Lysol Healthy Touch antibacterial no-touch hand soap system $12.99 = $6 Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $3/1 coupon found here (login or register) = $9.99
Get back a $6 Ecb, Final cost $3.99!


Physicians Formula Cosmetics: 40% off, Use the $5.00/1 cnp (3/20 SS) = varies, but some items will turn out free

Huggies Snugglers/Little Movers: $8.99, Use $2.00/1 cnp = $6.99!



Crystal Clear Reach Toothbrush: In ad Coupon makes them .99 each, Use $1.00/1 cnp  HERE you will also get some RR’s depending on how many you buy up to 4

Select Almay cosmetics are 30% off, Use $1.00/1 cnp, AND the $2.00/1 cnp in the Wags Beauty book, the Mascara and Intense Eye Shadow have $5 RR

Comet cleaner 2/$1.00

Osteo Bi-Flex 30 ct: $9.99, Use the $6/1 cnp, = $3.99, plus get a $1RR

Trident 18 piece gum: in ad cnp makes price .79, Use B1G1 = .15 each


The Doctor’s Night Guard: $19.99, get a $15 +UP back, look for the Classic one, it should be on clearance, and have them price check it if it is not marked clearance, mine rang up $6.54 and I still got my $15+UP 🙂

Huggies Diapers: $8.99, buy $40 worth of Kimberly Clark get $10 +UP back, Use $2.00/1 cnp for snugglers, or $2.50/1 cnp for Pure and Natural = $6.49 – $6.99

Resolve Spray and Wash 22 oz: $1.99, Use .75/1 cnp = $1.24, get $1 +UP


My Rite Aid Deal Below:

Here’s how I got 5 packs of diapers for FREE , I just paid $3 in tax on them!!

Trans #1: The Doctor’s Night Guard, $6.54, used $5 +UP = $1.54 Got $15 in +UP back

Trans #2: 5 packs of Huggies Diapers, 3 Pure and Natural, 2 Little Movers, = $44.95,  Used 3 $2.50/1 cnps, and 2 $2.00/1 cnps = $33.45, Used $20 +UP winter reward, the $15 +UP from trans #1, bought 2 candy fillers, = $3.00 in TAX!

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Surprises at Meijer and Rite Aid!

You may want to check your local Meijer for these Cheapo surprises!

26oz, On Clearance (located with all the other laundry detergent and softener) $3.64, Use the $3.00/1 cnp = .64!! This is regularly $7.99+

If you want the larger one they also have the bigger powder on Clearance too! $6.64, Use the $3.00/1 cnp = $3.64! This is usually $12.99+

A small bottle of select fragrances of Downy is on Clearance $2.08, Use the $1.00/1 cnp = $1.08!

Febreeze Air and Fabric $1.72

There is also numerous beauty products that have been clearanced:

Face Lift 35-50% off and Use $5.00/1 cnp

Cover Girl products 20-75% and $1.00/1 cnps

Gillette Shampoo $1.55 (no coupons that I’m aware of)


This is what my friend found while we were shopping at Rite Aid yesterday!! She was totally stoked!

This Gain (powder) is on sale for $4.88, Use the peelie off the box (it’s a Rite Aid cnp) for $3.00/1, AND use the manuf. cnp for $1.00/1 = .88!!!

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Do you shop online? Are you earning cash back for it??!

I just learned about this site the other day and although I’m new to it, the site has been around for awhile!

I learned of this site through one of the other blogs I currently read 🙂 Raining Hot Coupons!

Here’s the deal, If you already shop online, you probably do so to save even more money than you can in the store right?! Well I do at least, I mean who hasn’t gotten in on all the free diapers from and printable coupons from Old Navy and Yankee Candle! Here’s a way to save even more!

Ebates is a company that offers cash back on select stores. All you have to do is click their link when your ready to shop and you will earn cash back for your purchases! Isn’t that awesome! Just think, if you have one of those banks that gives you cash back for using your debt or credit cards, you will practically get your items for free by the time your done checking out and get your items in the mail!

WOO I need to slow down, ahaha I’m getting all excited!


Here are a few of the stores and the % back:

Disney Store – Was 5% cash back, now 7% cash back

Macys – Was 2.5% cash back, now 5% cash back

Staples – Was 2% cash back, now 6% cash back

Ace Hardware – 4% cash back

Advanced Auto Parts – 6% cash back

American Eagle – 3% cash back

Apple Store – 1% cash back

Wolf Camera – 3% cash back

Meijer – 1.5% cash back


Are you just as excited as I am now after seeing all the stores?

Ok so if your ready here’s the link! Just click here and sign up, its that easy!

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