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I’m super excited about this post! This is the best I’ve ever done in one shopping trip! A Large trip I should say!

Here’s the break down:

I did 7 transactions and my friend did 7 as well (because the $5.00 off any one Similac Product coupon said 1 coupon per transaction)

Here’s my 7 transactions (This was a pain too!)

#1 & #2

1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Purex 3 in 1 Travel detergent: $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 dozen Eggs: $1.29


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Purex cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

=$ .07 + $.63 in tax = $.70

#3 & #4

1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Purex 3 in 1 Travel detergent: $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

2 Baby Water: $1.00 x 2


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Purex cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Nursery Water $.55/2 cnp

= $.23 + $.63 in tax = $.86



1 Similac Sensitive Formula : $3.84

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Travel size Head and Shoulders $.97

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 Kleenex Hand towels: $2.77


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

1 $2.00/1 Head and Shoulders cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Kleenex $.75/1 cnp

= –$.20 + $.81 in Tax = $.61



1 Similac Can Formula : $4.17

1 Degree travel size deodorant: $.97

1 Always Liner: $.93

1 Travel size Secret Clinical Deodorant: $2.47

3 BeyOnd Purina Cat Food 16oz Box: $2.57 x 3

1 Gift bag for my baby’s 1st B-day: $3.00


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 $1.00/1 Degree cnp

1 Secret Clinical Deodorant $3.00/1 cnp

3 FREE (up to $3.00) BeyOnd Cat food cnp

1 Always Panty Liner $1.00/1 cnp

= $.54 + $.98 in tax = $1.52



1 Similac Can Formula : $4.17

1 Always Infinity Pads 14ct: $3.97

1 Travel size Tide Detergent: $.97


1 $5.00/1 Similac cnp

1 Tide $1.00/1 cnp

1 Always Pad $2.00/1 cnp

= $1.11 + $.32 in tax = $1.43



Oops I guess I guessed wrong when I put this on my face book 🙂


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*Reminder about coupon class on base!*

This is going to be my first class! It will be on base, so if you have access to base and live in the Dayton area, I encourage you to contact the community center and sign up!


This class will be free, but you will need to bring your own supplies you will need:


  • 1 binder (1 1/2 or bigger will work!)
  • 1 pack of baseball card protector sheets (Walmart, Target and K-mart sell these)
  • any coupon inserts you may have already collected (please note that if you do not have any, I will have some available to use and extra for purchase)
  • 1 pair of scissors (the community has only a few to lend)


At this class we will learn an easy way to clip and organize your coupons into your binder. We will look at current ads and match up your coupons and learn how to spend the least amount of money during your shopping trip.

If time permits we will go over a few ways to save money on the internet for those you that are interested.

Please post any questions or comments you may have about this class below here, or you may email me at!

Thanks everyone! Look forward to seeing you there!


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Do you shop online? Are you earning cash back for it??!

I just learned about this site the other day and although I’m new to it, the site has been around for awhile!

I learned of this site through one of the other blogs I currently read 🙂 Raining Hot Coupons!

Here’s the deal, If you already shop online, you probably do so to save even more money than you can in the store right?! Well I do at least, I mean who hasn’t gotten in on all the free diapers from and printable coupons from Old Navy and Yankee Candle! Here’s a way to save even more!

Ebates is a company that offers cash back on select stores. All you have to do is click their link when your ready to shop and you will earn cash back for your purchases! Isn’t that awesome! Just think, if you have one of those banks that gives you cash back for using your debt or credit cards, you will practically get your items for free by the time your done checking out and get your items in the mail!

WOO I need to slow down, ahaha I’m getting all excited!


Here are a few of the stores and the % back:

Disney Store – Was 5% cash back, now 7% cash back

Macys – Was 2.5% cash back, now 5% cash back

Staples – Was 2% cash back, now 6% cash back

Ace Hardware – 4% cash back

Advanced Auto Parts – 6% cash back

American Eagle – 3% cash back

Apple Store – 1% cash back

Wolf Camera – 3% cash back

Meijer – 1.5% cash back


Are you just as excited as I am now after seeing all the stores?

Ok so if your ready here’s the link! Just click here and sign up, its that easy!

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My growing Stock pile baby!

Here are a few shots of my now, ever growing stock pile! If you haven’t read my other posts about stock piling here’s a few little tidbits:

  • Buying products on sale and in bulk will reduce your over all grocery bill, by buying products that you know you will use at a great price (usually for pennies on a dollar or FREE) you will no longer need to pay full price for an item when you are in need of it!
  • Focus on one thing at first, maybe you were lucky and got those Gain coupons this week, and you can get some free fabric softener, stock up on it so that it’s one less items to worry about.
  • In time you will only need to re-stock items as you use them and only buy perishable items, reducing your trips to the stores and learning to reduce your grocery bill.
  • Think of a stockpile as your own personal warehouse!

I’m still learning so I know that some of my stock up prices, could go WAY down, but I’ve still saved a ton of money, I know longer have to go MAJOR grocery shopping once a week, I just go on Sunday and get a few things (on sale with coupons) to add to my stockpile and get perishable items when needed!

View IMAG0031.jpg in slide show

View IMAG0026.jpg in slide show View IMAG0028.jpg in slide show View IMAG0029.jpg in slide show View IMAG0030.jpg in slide show


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Need a new car seat?

We went to Toys R Us today to get a much needed new car seat for our almost 10 month old.

If you are in need of a car seat, hair chair, crib, strollers, travel systems, play yard, or bassinets I recommend seeing if you can save some money by trading in one of the above items. Toys R Us and Babies R Us are doing a ‘Great Trade In’ event where you will get 25% off a new item when you bring in one of the above named items (there are brand exclusions).

Here is an examle of how it worked in my favor.

We needed a new car seat for my 10 month old daughter. We took her old car seat to customer service and got my 25% off coupon. We got the new Graco Signature Edition carseat which is really expensive, $299.99!! Something I would never normally pay!! Using the 25% cnp we saved $74.99! I also used our $10.00 gift card we won at the Huggies crawl contest a few weekends ago. Bringing our total to: $215.00!!  We were able to buy the 1year warranty because of it AND I got a few outfits that were on clearance (I have a hard time resisting little girl clothes that are on sale!)

I got a good deal becahse I bought a higher priced item and got $15.00 more for the used carseat than I originally paid for it 10 months ago! I wouldn’t even get that if I sold it on!!

Have you participated in the ‘Great Trade In’?

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A Monthly Grocery Tracker!

The Coupon Project

735I was just wondering around the internet tonight and came across this site called The Coupon Project! Wow I’m very thankful because she has a document she created and shared with her readers! It’s a monthly grocery tracker!! This is something I wanted to do, but have not had the time to sit down and create it, she did a great job. You can go here to download it from her site!


Wouldn’t you want to track all your hard work?


I am going to start using it for the month of Feb, since I think I have gotten rid of some of my Jan receipts 😦


Thanks Angela!

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Fellow Couponistas and Their DEALS!

I have a few people to highlight today from some deals they were so proud of they wanted to share with me, and then in turn share with you!!

Here is my Cousin, Jamie:

‘Cassie, I got these Ralph Lauren towels today at T.J Maxx for 50% off the clearance price!! That’s $3.25!! They are huge too!!! Thought you’d like the savings!! I got some Nike Jordan basketball shorts for $5.99 they are normally $25!’

This is also what she got for V-Day!

‘Also made Valentine’s bags for 60 kids at school with candy, cards, hearts shaped erasers, stickers, and pencils!! All for $10 thanks to the Dollar Tree!!’

~ Thanks Jamie!

My Friend Bev,

‘Yeah!! I saved about $100 this weekend with Food Lion bonus bonus buys & having coupons for every item I bought as well. Some stuff even came out to be free!!’

~Thanks Bevy!

My Friend Kristin,

‘I just spent $6.22 and got 9 boxes of baby wipes and a $25 dollar gift certificate to a restaurant in Mercer for dinner. Score!  All I had was the 30% off and $10 dollars off. Still made the wipes only 4.22 with free shipping. Ill take it! I bought two of the $25 dollar gift cards actually. They were $25.00 originally on and then their discount brought them to 10 a piece and the coupon code “MEAL” made them 2 dollars a piece! Ive never been to the restaurant but its a steak and sea house and for 2 dollars we’ll try it! lol’

~Thanks Kris!

*Got a deal your itching to share!? Why not share it here where we are all excited about the next best deal!*

You can email me at and send the details of your lasted deal that you are bursting to share!

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Tracking Your 2011 Savings!?

Are you wanting to shrink your grocery bill for 2011?  How about just your overall spending? I’ve been tracking my SAVINGS this year and so far I’ve been amazed!

Last year I spent about $250.00 a month in groceries alone! I have spent $150.00 in groceries in January 2011! That includes household cleaners, food, beverages and paper products, baby AND pets! That is a saving of $100.00 for January!! WOWZA!

I’ve also done alot of savings through the internet! Including food, diapers, and just needed household items and getting them for less!


What have I done to streeetttccchhh my dollars this past month?


  1. Coupons coupons COUPONS
  2. Sales
  3. Matching my coupons with sales!
  4. Reduced and clearance diary, meats and slightly damaged goods
  5. Discounts online
  6. Free money through pages like SwagBucks, Mypoints, and countless survey sites

Lets start with #1: Coupons coupons COUPONS:

Clip your coupons from the Sunday paper! Even if you think you may not need any products from that paper, odds are… will a few weeks AFTER you clip them. A deal will come up and you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting that coupon! I can say this from the many deals I’ve missed out on, haha.

You don’t have to get 10 papers. Just get 1 and learn to stack those coupons with sale items and in store coupons! Once you get it and feel confident then you can up the quantities.

#2: Sales:

Try not to buy anything unless it’s on sale. The best way to save money is to never pay full price for anything if at all possible! Obviously if you run to the bathroom and you have nothing to use on your tush and nothing is on sale, please by all means go get you some toilet paper haha!

#3: Matching Coupons with Sales:

The ultimate savings at the store is using coupons on sale items. This gives you a double savings! Here’s an example: Can of Hunts Diced Tomatoes orginally .99 each, SALE price .49 each, COUPON .50/3, (buy 3 cans = $1.47) you pay = $1.00/3 OR if your store doubles coupons = .47/3 Which is .16 a can! This saves you .83 cents a can!!

#4: Reduced and Clearance Diary, Meats and Slightly Damaged Goods:

Stores with often discount items that are close to the sale by date. Things to look for that you can freeze and use for later are, bread products, yogurt, milk and meat! You can get ground beef for 1/2 the price by buying it on discount and freezing it until you need it!

  • I buy my bread for around .30 each and freeze them until I need them!
  • I got a 15lb bag of Cat Food for $4.99 because there was a rip at the bottom that they taped up! It still had over 13lbs of food in it!! (The original price was 10.99!)
  • I’ve gotten tons of Yoplait Yogurt for free because it was discounted AND I had a coupon!

#5: Discounts Online:

There are many great deals you can score online, and I’m not just talking about Groupons and Living social deals. There is also just plan shopping online from,,, sometimes they have better deals than the stores do and no need for paper coupons!

You can also use the internet to get coupons and print outs for your favorite stores! (I recently bought 2 free 1.6oz candles from Bath and Body by catching a coupon for in store!)

#6: Free money through pages like SwagBucks, Mypoints, and countless survey sites:

I know you guys have heard me say it before, but SwagBucks is where it’s at for free money! ( You can find the link in the side bar if you want to check it out) This is a site where you earn virtual bucks that you can redeem for really prizes and gift cards! You earn buy searching the web and completing free offers and surveys.

There are other sites you can check out, there’s where you can give your opionion on products and from time to time they will do Amazon.can GC when you do a certain amount of reviews in a certain amount of time. is a website where you can get points to trade in for products or gift cards. They are a little harder to get built up than SwagBucks but I usually just open the emails and save the 5 points per mail and once I build up enough I will cash it in. Thats pretty easy for just opening emails!

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This week’s DEALS I got in on!

Yesterday I was like a mad woman, I ran to CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Meijers (a local grocery store that is in the North-NorthWest-ish). Some stores I did REALLY good in, a few I did ok…and  Meijers, well that kinda sucked but in my defense I did have to buy baby formula (even with a coupon it was still 15.99!)

SOOO without further ado!

Here’s my CVS trip and a break down of how it went down at the register! 😉

Here’s what it cost and what I did:

  • 3 Bags of Stacy’s Pita Chips : Reg Price = $3.99 each = $11.97
  • 3 packs of Trident Gum: Reg Price = $1.29 each = $3.87
  • 3 packs of 5 gum: Reg Price = $1.29 each = $3.87
  • 1pack Trident white: Reg Price = $1.29
  • L’oreal Blush Compact: Reg Price = $14.29
  • L’oreal Foundation Compact: Reg Price = $12.49
  • Riz Crackers: Reg Price = $3.49
  • Wheat Thins: Reg Price = $3.49
  • Xtra Laundry Detergent: Reg Price = $2.99
  • Crest Mouthwash: Reg Price = $3.99
  • 4 Planters Nut Bar: Reg Price = $4.99 each = $19.96
  • 4 Vitamin Waters: Reg Price = $1.79 each = $7.16
  • 2 Coke 12 pack Products: Reg Price = $3.99 each = $7.98

Total FULL without sales or discounts: $96.84

Now here’s what coupons I used and what the FINAL cost!

  • 3 bags Stacy’s Pita chips: NO COUPON NEEDED….. .77 each = $2.31 (I can’t tell you how excited I was, we can never find these chips and they are always really expensive, and they never have any coupons for them)
  • 3 packs of Trident Gum: CLEARANCE .32 each = .96cents  (I tried to use the $1.00/3 cnp but they couldn’t use it because they had to manually put the price in because it had been clearanced)
  • 3 packs of 5 gum: CLEARANCE .37 each = $1.11
  • 1pack Trident white: CLEARANCE .39cents
  • L’oreal Blush Compact: 75% off CLEARANCE = $3.58 Use $5.00/2 cnp = FREE
  • L’oreal Foundation Compact: 75% off CLEARANCE = $3.13 this is the other product for the $5.00/2cnp = $1.71
  • Riz Crackers: Nabisco/Coke sale (buy 15$ get $5 ECB) 2/$4.00 Use $1.00/2 cnp = $1.50
  • Wheat Thins: Nabisco/Coke Sale (buy 15$ get $5 ECB) 2/$4.00 this is #2 of above cnp = $1.50
  • Xtra Laundry Detergent: On Sale $1.49, Use $1.00/1 printable cnp = .49cents
  • Crest Mouthwash: Sale Buy Crest for $3.99 get back $3.99 ECB = FREE
  • 4 Planters Nut Bar: RAIN CHECK 4/$10.00 get back $4.00 ECB, Used (4)  .75/1 = 1.75 each = $7.00,  with $4.00 ECB Back = 4/$3.00!
  • 4 Vitamin Waters: Nabisco/Coke Sale (buy 15$ get 5 ECB) sale price 2/$3.00 Use B1G1 Free = 4/$3.00
  • 2 Coke 12 pack Products: Nabisco/Coke Sale (buy 15$ get 5 ECB) sale price $3.00each = $6.00 (reached 15.00 so got 5 ECB)

Ok so the total and then savings: $29.96 used, 15.00in ECB, Out of pocket cost $14.96, got back $12.99 in ECB!!

So complete total after ECB’s and Out of Pocket Cost : $16.97 for all that stuff!! Saving of $79.87


Rite Aid DEALS:

  • 2 Lysol wipes: RAIN CHECK 2/$4.00 use (2) 1.00/1 = $1.00 each
  • 2 Motrin PM: RAIN CHECK $3.00 each $2.00 Rewards back= $6.00 with $4.00 = $2.00 use $6.00/2 cnp = FREE with 4.00 OVERAGE!
  • 12 Cans Progresso Soup: 4/$5.00 with $1.00 Reward when you buy 4, use $1.00/4 = 4/$3.00 = 12/$9.00

Total with savings: $7.00

Meijers DEALS

Highlights of this DEAL:

  • 6 chex mix, 3/$3.00, use .50/2 (doubled to 1.00/2) = 6/$3.00 with $3.50 catalina towards next purchase = 6/.50
  • 3 BlueBerry Muffin Mix, $1.25 each, use .75/1 (equals 1.00/1) = .75 each
  • Oatmeal: $2.29 use $1.00/1 = $1.29
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich: $3.99, use $1.00/1 = $2.99
  • Hunts Diced Tomatoes: .99 each, use $1.00/3 = 3/$2.00
  • 4 Boxes of Breech Nut Rice Cereal: $1.50 each, use $5.00 off (got from doing a survey) = 6/$1.00
  • Similac Formula Tub: 20.99, use $5.00/1 off = $15.99

Those are the best ones I don’t always do the best, but its ok! We’re all still learning! Hope this helps ya’ll! Please if you have a deal you want to share email me at

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How to Score CHEAP diapers!!

If you haven’t already, then I strongly encourage you to sign up for an Amazon Mom account! You get 30%  off of baby supplies by being an Amazon Mom (despite the name anyone caring for an child can sign up, dads grandparents..ect) you also get 2 day free shipping! All you need to do is hit the Subscribe and save button (which will automatically send the item again in either 1, 3 , or 6 months) instead of the add to cart button, but don’t worry you can cancel a subscription at anytime after the order has shipped (I usually wait until I have my items so I know the price doesn’t change).

You should sign up with one of the following free magazine, because from time to time (has actually been a few months in a row lately) they will have these coupons in them:

Photo Credit for 10.00 picture, and Photo Credit for 20% off picture!

Here are the FREE magazines you can get:

These you can find cheap:

  • Parenting: Early Years *this one isn’t free but if you look around you can get it cheap (just got mine from Tanga for 4.00 for 1 year)*
  • Parents: currently on sale 1.00 for 1 year subscription, just enter code K9B9J4H and shipping is FREE

You can get your own subscription to these buy clicking the links above!


You can score them at doctor offices, or salons, and a few you  can get at the check out counter at Baby’s R’ Us or Toys’ R’ Us !

See my Give-away for a 20% off code!!

So Lets see how these will save us money……

Amazon mom = 30% off

Coupons from magazine = 20% or 10.00 or both!

(you can also do swag bucks, if you haven’t read my post about it find it here, you can redeem your swagbucks for Amazon Gift Cards!)


Here is a current deal for this:

Note: It doesn’t have to be Huggies, this is just something I had sitting in my cart and was quick to reference!

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

Huggies Size 2 Little Snugglers 144ct= 39.21, SALE 32.75 (.23 each diaper)

Amazon Mom  & Subscribe and SaveDiscount = 30%

Price = 22.93 OR .16 each diaper, saving of 9.82 or .07 pre diaper!

THEN if you have one of those coupons!!

10.00 off coupon from magazine = 12.93 for 144 diapers or .08 per diaper!!

This doesn’t even include all the saving you could get from doing SwagBucks!! Does anyone see FREE diapers in their future! I DO!

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