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I have come to the conclusion that to be a successful couponer means that you no longer have to jump at every deal. Your stock pile is diverse enough that you can skip a week or 2 of deals because they aren’t as good as previous weeks. You can choose to wait until a sale comes back around and you are getting the BEST price, and not just because it’s on sale. I feel like I’ve finally reached this goal.

My stockpile has a good variety of products, and I continue to clean it out and to give to family and friends without it affecting our stock. I LOVE LOVE that feeling. Knowing that your family is in need, and even though you can’t help them financially you can help then out with sustinance and hygiene products to help them on there grocery list!

I feel like I was sooo caught up in the mindset that I needed to get every deal, whether it was an awesome deal or not. I then realized, hey I don’t need 20 sticks of deodorant! I don’t even know 20 people to give it to! So I started only buying for my families ACTUAL needs and then extended family. I spent so much time every week running to various stores and getting papers or going to recycling bins and cutting and sorting that I was missing the real point. I’m doing this to help my family budget but not instead of spending time with them.

I now use 2 systems for organizing my coupons.

1. My binder (I use this when I know I need to get a few items but want to catch non-advertised deals or clearance items)

2. Filing cabinet (I file whole coupon inserts and then cut coupons as needed, a lot less stressful that way)

I usually only use my binder if I’m going to the commissary because it’s a little  further from the house and I don’t go often so I don’t want to miss out on anything.

What are some of your tips and tricks to newbies starting out? How do you organize your coupons? Comment below and let us know!!

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Well Hello There

I gotta say, it was nice taking some time off from trying to blog and figure this whole coupon whole out!

I must confess, I am a slacker, well maybe not a slacker but more like a person who takes on TONS of projects and then gets burnt out on them and eventually returns to them one by one. I missed blogging, but to be honest I gotta tell ya, I have no idea how other coupon bloggers find the time to post 15 times a day!! I have a 15 month old and a pretty demanding day to day life.

I think I’m going to revamp the page and concentrate more on the fundamentals of couponing and tricks that I have learned by just doing it for over 6 months hard core. I may post daily deal type posts if I feel it will benefit the major or if it’s a great ‘beginner’ type deal.

I hope you don’t mind my rambling and thanks for checking back 🙂

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Mall shopping for CHEAP!


In March Victoria Secret had a promo when you bought $10 worth of items in one transaction you would receive a secret card that would be revealed in April that could be worth up to $500.00!  Well one particular day (I want to say it was the last day in March) they had an extra promo attached to this, buy $10 in one transaction (online only) and get 2 cards instead of just one!  *this promo is no longer available*

This past Saturday I had to use my secret card because 4-30 was that last day you could redeem it. I had 2 print outs I wanted to use and get more for my money! Victoria Secret and VS PINK often have freebies when you buy a certain thing or sometimes anything in store. So the above pictures are the FREE panty from PINK with any PINK purchase (it can be the smallest thing you can find :)) Then VS had a FREE Rush lipgloss with ANY in store purchase.

I bought:

1 Warm & Cozy PINK body splash $15.00 (on sale half price) = $7.50

1 FREE PINK panty with my PINK purchase $8.50 value = FREE

1 Hand sanitizer travel size = $3.50

1 FREE Rush lipgloss $11.00 value = FREE

Total = $11.72 (with tax)

USE Angels Secret Card Value of $10.00 = $1.72 out of pocket for all that stuff!!

*Victoria Secret Angels Reward Card no longer available*

To get the PINK panty coupon you will need to go here and sign up for a PINK nation access! (exp 5/11/11) You can go to here to get the coupon for the FREE Rush lip gloss! (exp 5/4/11)

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UPDATE on ConAgra Foods Mail in Rebate!


I wanted to share this with you: Buy $15.00 in ConAgra Foods get over $35.00 in Coupons! You can click the picture to visit the site and see if you have purchased any of their products. Does not have to be on one receipt, you can send in tons of receipts as long as the purchases add up to $15.00 (not sure if it’s before coupons or not…can any one verify that?)

FINE PRINT: Valid through 12/26/10 – 3/31/11 MUST send in receipts with product and price circled. You can find this mail in form in All You Magazine :)!


*A reader, Cori, has brought it to my attention that it may not be in the Jan or Feb issue but the Dec issue…I tore mine out when I found it so I can’t remember which it came from 😦 sorry guys, check your old issues to see if you have it!*


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Another ViewPoints opp!

YES!! View Points is doing another FREE Gift Card!

From Today (March 11th) through March 21st, Viewpoints is offering a $5 gift card if you write 5 qualifying product reviews on products in these categories: Home & Garden, Family & Pets, Health & Beauty, Kitchen (no food or drinks), Computers and Electronics!.

KEEP IN MIND THAT Reviews need to be at least 700 characters long. AND Remember that reviews in these categfories DO NOT COUNT Auto, Books & Magazines, Food/Drink, Local, Music & Arts, Movies, Office, Travel, Miscellaneous and Websites.

Your $5 Amazon gift card will be emailed to you within 30 days of close of this promotional offer. I have done this now like 4 times and I always get my card within the 30 days!


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New change on FaceBook page :)

I wanted to share with everyone, our permanent name and page on FB! Since we had more than 25 fans on Facebook I was finally able to get a real (and simple) web address for the page! Thanks ya’ll!!


Check it out here!

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Diapers without!

I know I know, more diaper deals 🙂 But to be honest, I personally am trying to stock up because I can NEVER find a good price on diapers, granted I’m still new to alot of couponing but still, I’m tired of paying full price for diapers, it’s too expensive since we go through them so quickly!! I figure there are other mom’s concerned with this as well!

*Wow* so we got some AWESOME Huggies coupons in this past Sunday’ paper! I still have some pampers coupons, but I have a little girl and Huggies seem to work the best for her.  That’s why I get super excited when we get Huggies coupons, I feel like there are always Pampers ones out there and never Huggies. Anyway, I was cooking up a few deal sernios for those coupons and the Rewards at different stores!

We live in the area that has a Meijers Store. Meijers is a Grocery store that, in my opinion, is VERY similar to Super Walmart. Well I got a Catalina (the coupons that print at the register) for $3.50 off my next shopping for buying 6 bags of Chex mix the other day and got one for Walgreens’ as well.

I WANTED to buy more Chex Mix to get another $3.50, but that Catalina is finished, the last day was 1/23/11 😦 poo would have made this deal REALLY awesome.

Meijers Diaper deal:


Buy 1 Huggies size 2  36ct (they have other sizes on sale too) = $8.49

Use 1 $3.50 catalina, AND $2.00/1 cnp

Final = $2.99 for 36 diapers or .08cents each!

Walgreen’s Deal:


Buy 1 Huggies size 2(other sizes available) 36 ct = $8.99

Use 1 $3.50 Catalina (I got one here too) AND use 1 $2.00/1

GET back $2.00 in Rewards

Out Of Pocket = $3.49 or .10 each, final cost with reward back for next order = $1.49 or .04 each!

If you don’t have the Catalina’s don’t worry they are still a great deal! Just use 1 $2.00/1 cnp and pay $6.99 and still get back $2.00 in Rewards towards next order! Final = $6.99 or ,19 each AFTER rewards = $4.99 or .13 each!

Obviously it would be the best deal with Catalina’s or even better on Amazon, but I already used my coupons on Amazon so now I gotta get a deal where ever I can at the stores!

Tell us what kind of diaper deals you’ve gotten lately, I’m curious!!

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