CVS Deals! UPDATE ON 1/03

This page will change periodically depending on if I find any deals….

The best way to save money is to Sign-Up for a CVS Extra Care Card (you will need this to take advantage of the sales) You also need to do a first time trip to establish some Register Rewards! This will suck the first trip but after you plan that first trip you will have those Rewards to use next time and if you plan it right from then on you shouldn’t have to spend anything out of pocket just exchange the Rewards that print out from each trip. I did this and got 19.00 in rewards while still saving half the price of all my items by using my coupons!

This week 1/02-1/08:

Extra or Extra Dessert Delights Single packs Sale 3/$2.00 = Final = $0.33 each! Plus 1.00 in Rewards

Boost High Protein (6 pk): $5.99 Use = 3.00/1, Final = 2.99 (use 3 in Rewards and get back 1.00, so actual cost out of pocket FREE with loss of only 2.00 in Rewards limit on this deal is 2)

Those are the good ones, there are also a few ones that are a good deal but a little more out of pocket,

Buy 25$ worth of, assorted Planters nuts, Wisk Laundry, Angel Soft Toilet Paper, Quilted Northern, Nabsico products, and get back 10.00 in Rewards!  So if you need these AND have coupons, Knock your socks off!! The trick here is to scan your card first to get the 10.00 rewards then at the end before you pay hand over the coupons, this way you hit 25.00 before your coupons!

This week 12/26: Remember these deals are only good once, you won’t get multiple rewards for multiple items of the same item, i.e. don’t buy 2 Tone Body Wash because instead of getting 6.00 back in Rewards you will only get 3.00 for the 1.

Those are the best ones, but if you are in need of Toilet Paper or Paper Towels and Laundry Detergent, try these:

As I said these previous ones aren’t the best deals but if you’re in need of the products this will save you a little at least!


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