Lingo and Reading Deals!

This page will have how to’s for the beginning Couponista (like me) and help you navigate your way through the digital and physical stores!

There are some sites that state when there is a deal where they are pulling the coupon from but I will not be doing that, I don’t like having 6 storage methods, my binder is the only one I use. (For example they’ll say, on sale at Kroger is Secret deodorant for 1.29 use coupon P&G 12/26 .50 off one (and that would double at kroger to 1.00) final cost .29Cents) I will simple say use .50 off one without going into the coupon book or date it came from.

Lets get started!


Manufacturer Coupon = mnf cnp

Coupon = Q or cnp

Buy one get one = B1G1

Buy one get one 50 = B1G50

When you buy = wyb

Out Of Pocket = OOP

Smart Source Coupon Book = SS

Red Plum Coupon Book = RP

Proctor and Gamble Coupon Book = P&G

The key to saving so much money with coupons is using them with items that are on sale and any in-store coupons (Coupons solely for that store, and it will say that on the coupon itself.) that way you are getting the item for the least amount of money out of pocket as possible! The easiest way to do this and save time is by going online to the stores and viewing the current weekly ad and match up your coupons to the sale items and items you are currently in need of. This will cut a lot of time out and make your shopping trip a bit quicker, although you still need to take your Binder with you because they will almost always have a few deals that are not advertised and you’ll want to take advantage of those as well!

How to read a deal!


Secret Deodorant = 3.29 – 1.00 (Kroger card) = 2.29 – 1.00 (P&G 4$ off 4 items sale) = 1.29 (The item is on sale when you use your Kroger Plus Card which gave us the first 1.00 off and they also have a sale that if you buy 4 of the qualifying items (they happen to be most P&G products) you will get 4.00$ off your order, so that gave us the second 1.00 off. Sometimes Kroger will do special sales like this one.)

Use coupon .50/1 (Kroger doubles coupons up to .50 and anything over is matched as a 1.00, so this .50 double to 1.00 off)

=Final price = .29 cents

Don’t feel overwhelmed, this is a lot of information at once, just re-read and over time you’ll remember the lingo! I sometimes have to read deals a few times to actually understand them so don’t feel bad!

Please ask me any questions, I want this to be as easy as possible for ya!

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