a few deals!

Sorry guys I’ve been slacking lately! I had so many things going on around the house that I wasn’t able to update the blog as often!


Here are a couple things going on right now!

  1. FREE Full size Tide Stain Release, just go to their FaceBook and take the challenge!
  2. CVS $5 off  your total of $40 printable coupon
  3. X Box 360 199.99 on Amazon.com and get back a $50 Gift Card
  4. Free Orvil Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl
  5. Pampers.com codes SPRINGHASSPRUNG = 10, & CesarChavez2011 = 10, & 10000LatinasFbk = 10, & GTGREWARDS4MOMS = 10
  6. Free sample or coupon of Boogie Wipes!
  7. Free finger bands for Google Chrome!
  8. Free sample of Nescafe Tasters Choice Coffee
  9. Dial for Men Prizes on FaceBook!
  10. Lowes Home Improvement $10 off $50 purchase coupon!

Hope these are helpful, hurry because most of these will run out soon!

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3/27 Sunday coupon Preview

Thanks Whole Coupon Inserts for the early preview! I order from them each week!!
Check them out!
Red Plum (3/27/11)


Advil 40 ct.+ $1 x5/31/11
Children’s Advil 4 oz or Infants Advil 0.5oz $1 x5/31/11
Advil PM 16 ct+ $1 x5/31/11
Advil, Advil PM, Childrens Advil or ThermaCare no trial $3/2 x5/31/11
Advil Cold & Sinus, Allergy Sinus, or Advil Congestion Relief Product $1 x5/8/11
Alavert 6 ct $1 x6/26/11
Axe 4oz Bodyspray 2,7oz Anti-perspirant and Deodorant or 3oz deodorant $1 x4/24/11
Axe Shower Gel or Detailer B1G1F to $5.99 x4/24/11
Axe Hair 12oz or 22oz Shampoo $1 x4/24/11
Ball Park products $1/2 x5/25/11

Ball park angus product .55/1 x5/25/11

Bridgford frzen rolls .50/1 x5/31/11

Build-A-Bear Workshop $10/$30 x4/24/11
Carefree product .50/1 x6/30/11
Culturelle $2.00/1 x5/30/11
Culturelle for kids $2.00/2 x5/30/11
Degree Men Anti-perspirant or Deodorant $1 x4/24/11
Domino brown or confectioners Sugar 1 lb .75/2 x5/31/11
Domino Sugar products 4-5 lb+ .50/1 x5/31/11
Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Body Mist no trial- travel sizes or Men+ Care .75 x4/24/11
Dove Beauty Bar 6- bar pack+ no Men+ Care $1 x4/24/11
Dove Body Wash 10oz+ no Men+ Care $1 x4/24/11
Dove Hair Care product no trail or travel sizes .75 x4/24/11
Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant/ Deodorant $1 x4/24/11
Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar 6-pack+ $1 x4/24/11
Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash 132.5oz+ or Active Clean Shower Tool $1 x4/24/11
FiberChoice 90 ct $3 x5/14/11
Kellogg’s Special K Multi-Grain Oats & Honey, Frosted Mini-Wheat Touch or Fruit in the Middle or Crunchy Nut Cereal .70 x5/8/11
Kellogg’s Special K Multi-Grain Oats & Honey, Frosted Mini-Wheat Touch or Fruit in the Middle or Crunchy Nut Cereal $1/2 x5/8/11
Lipton Tea Bags, Lipton to-go or any Iced Tea Mix .75/2 x4/24/11
Liquid gold wood cleaner $1.00/1 x6/30/11
L’Oreal Excellence or Excellence to go shade $2 x5/22/11
M&M brand peanut Butter Chocolate Candies, etc all the peanut butter varieties B2G1F to .99 x5/22/11
Nutella 13oz Jar+ $1 x6/30/11
Nutro Natural Choice dry cat food, bag $3 x5/22/11
Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free dog food. bag $5 x5/22/11
Opti-Free Replenish solution 10oz+ $1.50 x6/30/11
Pedigree Good Bites treats for dogs $2 x4/30/11
Pillsbury Frosting .40/1 x6/30/11
Poligrip free .075 oz x5/31/11
Poligrip any $2.00/1 x5/31/11
Pond’s cream, towelettes, or cleansing products no trail $1 x4/24/11
Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes 30 ct only $1 x4/24/11
Rimmel foundation or any Rimmel product $1 x5/31/11
Slimshots Liquid Portion Control not valid on 2 ct $5 x5/31/11
Saly Hansen nail color .50/1 x5/31/11
Sally Hansen  nail treatment $1.00/1 x5/31/11
Sally Hansen lip product $1.00/1 x5/31/11
Sally Hansen hand or foot product $1.00/1 x5/31/11
Sally Hansen beauty tool of $2.00 or more $1.00/1 x5/31/11
Stayfree $1 x6/30/11
Starkest sea satios entrée .75/1 x5/8/11
Suave Body Wash .25 x4/24/11
Suave Men’s Shampoo or Styling product .50/2 x4/24/11
Success Rice product $1/2 x5/31/11
Systane Lubricant eye drops product $2 x6/30/11
Thermacare 2ct+ $1 x6/30/11
Tums 24ct+ $1/2 x5/31/11
Vaseline Lotion $1 x4/24/11
Whiskas Dry food for Cats $1 x5/21/11
Whiskas tray any flavor B1G1F to .69 x5/21/11
Whole fruit fruit bars .50 x5/7/11
Whole Fruit Sorbet .50 x5/7/11
Zephyhills 1 liter bottle b1g1 up to 1.30 x5/8/11
Zephyrhills 700ml multi-packs or 24 pack of 500ml bottles $1.00/1 x5/8/11
Smart Source #1  (3/27/11) 

Allegra 24Hr 30 ct+, Allegra D 12 hr 20 ct, Allegra D 24 hr 10 ct $4 x4/16/11
Allegra 24 hr 5ct & 15 ct, 12 hur 12 ct Allegra-D 12 hr 10 ct, Allegra D 24 hr 5 ct or any Childrens $2 x4/16/11
Aveeno any $1 x5/15/11
Aveeno $3/2 x5/15/11

Bausch + Lomb Alaway Eye Drops $4 x5/31/11
Bausch + Lomb Opcon-A eye drops $1 x5/31/11
Clean & Clear Body Wash B1G1F to $5.99 x5/15/11
Clean & Clear any $1 x5/15/11
Energizer Batteries or flashlight $1 x4/30/11
Fat foam hair color $2.00/1 x4/30/11
French’s Worcestershire Sauce .50 x5/31/11
Mio Liquid Water Enhancer $1 x4/30/11
Mueller’s $1/2   x4/30/11
Neosporin or Band-Aid .50 x4/30/11
Neosporin AND Band-Aid $1.50 x4/30/11
Neutrogena Suncare Item $1 x9/30/11
Phillips Crab Cake product $.75/1 x5/22/11
Prevacid 24 Hr $3 x4/23/11
Prevacid 24 Hr 42 ct $7 x4/23/11
Purina Chef Michael’s canine creations dry dinners 11.5 lb $10 x4/24/11
Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations cans $1/5 x4/24/11
Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures cat food cans B1G1F to .55 x6/30/11
Purina Friskies canned cat food $1/15 x6/30/11
Purina Friskies Select Indoor canned cat food $1/6 x6/30/11
Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food 3.15 lb+ $1 x6/30/11
Purina Friskies cat treats any size, any variety $1.50/3 x6/26/11
Purina Busy $2/2 x6/27/11
Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pasta $1 DND x5/29/11
Red Baron Singles $1 DND x5/29/11
Smart Balance Milk $1 x5/1/11
Skintimate Shave gel .55 x5/11/11

TARGET COUPON $5 Gift card w/ purchase of (2) 48+ Huggies Little Mover’s Diaper Packs

Smart Source #2 (3/27/11) 

BIC Disposable Shaver Hybrid, Soleil, Flex 4, Comfort 3  $2 x5/8/11
Chock Full o’ Nuts .75/1 x5/15/11
Claritin Non-Drowsy 10ct+ $2 x4/24/11
Claritin Non-Drowsy 24+ $5 x4/24/11
Claritin Children’s Non-Drowsy 4oz or 10ct+ $2 x4/24/11
Colgate manual toothbrush except Colgate Plus or Extra Clean $1 x4/16/11
Colgate Wisp 4 ct .50 x4/16/11
Colgate Wisp 8 ct or 16 ct $1 x4/16/11
Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 4.0oz $1.50 x4/16/11
Dole Fruit Bowls .75/2 x6/30/11
Dole Fruit Bites $1 x6/30/11
Egg*Land’s Best Dozen Eggs .35/1 x9/30/11
Egg*Land’s Best Hard-Cooked & Peeled Eggs .35/1 x9/30/11
Everybody’s Nuts 7 oz+ $1 x8/31/11
Halls Cough Drops single bag .75 x5/22/11
Olay Facial Cleanser $2 x4/30/11
Palmolive Dish Liquid 20 oz .50 x4/16/11
Skim Plus 32oz 0r 64oz includes Fat Free Half&Half $1 x5/15/11
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 8 oz .35 x4/16/11
Softsoap Liquid Hand soap 28 oz+ refill .50 x4/16/11
Softsoap Brand Body Wash 12 oz+ .$1 x4/16/11
Speed Stick .50/1   x4/16/11
Weber $1 off 1 seasoning or 1grinder or on 2 marinade packets DND x5/31/11
Zim’s Max-Freeze Maximum Muscle and Joint Pain Relief $1 x5/31/11
Zim’s Crack Creme Brand Skin Care $1 x5/31/11

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FREE 2oz lotion from Bath and Body works!

Here’s a freebie you can get in on this weekend!

AWESOME, just go HERE and print it out and take it to your Bath and Body Works to grab your FREE 2 oz Country Chic lotion! No purchase necessary!

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Here’s a new opportunity to win a FREE pair of Eye Glasses if you’ve missed out in the past!

Here’s what you need to do……

* Head over to the Coastal Contacts Facebook page now, “like” them and click on the “Free Glasses” tab (remember, this code will not be valid until Noon EST today)

* Then head over to CoastalContacts.com and pick out your favorite frames (try to find a few frames many styles are sure to sell out quickly).

Giveaway Fine Print:

* Only the first 10,000 people will be able to use the coupon code to snag a FREE pair of glasses including the frame and standard 1.5 index lenses (note: you will need to pay shipping/handling charges which will usually range between $10-$15). Keep in mind that if you have received a free pair of glasses from Coastal Contacts before, then you are not eligible for this promotion; limit one free pair per household.

* If you need help with your web order, call the optical staff at 1-866-333-6888.

* If you see a “Coupons not applicable” message on a pair of frames, then it is NOT included in the give away.

* You will need a copy of your current eyeglasses prescription (it’s different from your contact lens prescription) and your PD measurement. Sometimes your PD will be on your prescription, but if not, watch this instructional video on how to measure it.

* After you have chosen your frames and selected your shipping method, you’ll go to a “Order Review & Payment” page, where you can enter and apply your coupon code. After applying your code, you will see your order total before you choose to check out (remember that you will have to pay shipping/handling charges of $10-$15)

* Your free pair of glasses will include the standard 1.5 index lenses, which accommodates up to a -8.00. However, if your prescription is over a + or -2.00, you may want to upgrade to a thinner, lighter lens. If you choose to upgrade your lenses, or have selected progressives, Transitions or a tint, you will see the cost of the upgrade in your order total.

Thanks for the heads up on this Hip2Save!

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*Reminder about coupon class on base!*

This is going to be my first class! It will be on base, so if you have access to base and live in the Dayton area, I encourage you to contact the community center and sign up!


This class will be free, but you will need to bring your own supplies you will need:


  • 1 binder (1 1/2 or bigger will work!)
  • 1 pack of baseball card protector sheets (Walmart, Target and K-mart sell these)
  • any coupon inserts you may have already collected (please note that if you do not have any, I will have some available to use and extra for purchase)
  • 1 pair of scissors (the community has only a few to lend)


At this class we will learn an easy way to clip and organize your coupons into your binder. We will look at current ads and match up your coupons and learn how to spend the least amount of money during your shopping trip.

If time permits we will go over a few ways to save money on the internet for those you that are interested.

Please post any questions or comments you may have about this class below here, or you may email me at rockncouponistas@hotmail.com!

Thanks everyone! Look forward to seeing you there!


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FREE Angry Birds app for Android!!


Do you have an android?! You may want to consider getting in on this FREE game Angry Birds from Amazon.com!

Go here and follow the instructions, no need to enter any payment info, this is 100% FREE but only for a limited time, amazon.com has the right to change prices at any moment!

This game is very addicting! ‘Im not a big phone game girl, but this one is so fun!!

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The Drug Store Deals 3/20

These are my favorite deals so far at the drug stores this week!

Listerine Pocket Packs: 5/$5.00, Use .50/1 cnp = .50

Lysol Healthy Touch antibacterial no-touch hand soap system $12.99 = $6 Ecb (limit 1)
Use the $3/1 coupon found here (login or register) = $9.99
Get back a $6 Ecb, Final cost $3.99!

(thanks Hip2save.com)

Physicians Formula Cosmetics: 40% off, Use the $5.00/1 cnp (3/20 SS) = varies, but some items will turn out free

Huggies Snugglers/Little Movers: $8.99, Use $2.00/1 cnp = $6.99!



Crystal Clear Reach Toothbrush: In ad Coupon makes them .99 each, Use $1.00/1 cnp  HERE you will also get some RR’s depending on how many you buy up to 4

Select Almay cosmetics are 30% off, Use $1.00/1 cnp, AND the $2.00/1 cnp in the Wags Beauty book, the Mascara and Intense Eye Shadow have $5 RR

Comet cleaner 2/$1.00

Osteo Bi-Flex 30 ct: $9.99, Use the $6/1 cnp, = $3.99, plus get a $1RR

Trident 18 piece gum: in ad cnp makes price .79, Use B1G1 = .15 each


The Doctor’s Night Guard: $19.99, get a $15 +UP back, look for the Classic one, it should be on clearance, and have them price check it if it is not marked clearance, mine rang up $6.54 and I still got my $15+UP 🙂

Huggies Diapers: $8.99, buy $40 worth of Kimberly Clark get $10 +UP back, Use $2.00/1 cnp for snugglers, or $2.50/1 cnp for Pure and Natural = $6.49 – $6.99

Resolve Spray and Wash 22 oz: $1.99, Use .75/1 cnp = $1.24, get $1 +UP


My Rite Aid Deal Below:

Here’s how I got 5 packs of diapers for FREE , I just paid $3 in tax on them!!

Trans #1: The Doctor’s Night Guard, $6.54, used $5 +UP = $1.54 Got $15 in +UP back

Trans #2: 5 packs of Huggies Diapers, 3 Pure and Natural, 2 Little Movers, = $44.95,  Used 3 $2.50/1 cnps, and 2 $2.00/1 cnps = $33.45, Used $20 +UP winter reward, the $15 +UP from trans #1, bought 2 candy fillers, = $3.00 in TAX!

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Give Away WINNERS!


An the winners of the $10 Amazon.com coupon codes are……

MICHELLE L.          billm……………@gmail.com

JULIE                jms……..@yahoo.com

Remember the winners were chosen via random.org and had to be verified.

Congrats to the winners, I have already sent you an email so please confirm your email address! If the winners do not confirm within 24 hours I will have to chose new winners 😦

rockncouponistas@hotmail.com  check your spam folder for this email


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Give away at a fellow Blogger!

While I finish my Give Away up and get the winners notified, here’s a give away at one of the blogs I read!

Koupon Karen is Giving Away some P&G items!

Here’s what she’s got going on!!

It seems to me that P&G really understands the financial struggles that so many families are facing.   Their products are always on sale, they have regular coupon inserts in the sunday paper and once again they are introducing more specially marked packages which contain coupons for future purchases.  I love when I find coupons inside packages and the ones inside these P&G products are awesome!

As I’ve mentioned before Pampers are my choice in diapers and I’m excited with all the coupons that were inside the box.  They are not only for Pampers products but it included coupons for Similac, Dreft, Vicks BabyRub, Children’s Pepto, Bounce, Tide and so many more with savings of over $50!!   Charmin is also another one of my first choices for TP and I’m not saying that because I got some FREE toilet paper from them, I grew up using Charmin and it’s just a good product so why change!  Inside the Charmin package was a coupon booklet with over $30 in coupons including $1 off Dawn Hand Renewal which I know you can score for FREE when it’s on sale with this coupon!!!

The products included in this promotion are Pampers, Olay Regenerist Trio Kit, Charmin and Crest.  So when your shopping make sure you look for these specially marked packages so you can get the coupons!!

So how about winning some of the specially marked packages???


The generous people of P&G have offered to give (1) Koupon Karen reader some of the specially marked packages of P&G products!!

Entry is simple! You just need to answer the question below by leaving a comment on this site! You can even gain up to 4 bonus entries for doing each additional item listed (just make sure that you leave one entry for each one — up to a total of 5 comments). As a reminder, comments left on Facebook, Twitter or other posts will not be included.


Leave a comment and share with us your favorite P&G product and why


1. Follow @KouponKaren on twitter and tweet the following “I entered to #win a P&G Prize Pack @KouponKaren You can too! http://wp.me/pMKCI-5Nt #giveaway #sponsor ”

2. “Like” Koupon Karen on Facebook –> I have a new page so if you were previously my “friend on facebook” please like this page as well
3.  Blog about this giveaway.
4. “Like” P&G Everyday Solutions on Facebook.
5. Sign up to receive Koupon Karen daily emails or add me to your favorite reader.

Details: This giveaway is open to US Residents and will remain open until March 28th at 11:59 p.m. EST . Any comments left after this time will not be counted. The winner will be selected randomly and will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Disclosure: I received some P&G products for my review. This did not influence my post and as always, my words are my own.


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Sunday Coupon Preview 3/20

Thanks to Whole Coupon Inserts for the Preview! You can go HERE to order your coupons! 🙂


Always $1/1 maxi (36ct or higher) or ultra jumbo pack (38ct or higher)   x4/30/11
BC 18ct or larger $1/1    x5/31/11
Cesar $1//1 any treats x4/30/11
Disney or Marvel gummy vitamins $1/1    x5/3/11
Endust $0.55/1 any product   x5/1/11
Goody’s 1/6ct or larger $1/1     x 5/31/11
Gillette Fusion ProGlide $4/1 any cartridge manual or power x4/30/11
Loreal Paris Root Rescue product $1.00/1  x5/15/11
Loreal Paris Preference (any shade)  $2.00/1  x5/15/11
Loreal Paris Skin Care product  $2.00/1  x5/15/11
Loreal Paris Eye Cosmetic item  $1.00/1  x5/15/11
Loreal Paris Cosmetic item  $1.00/1 x5/15/11
Mars $1/2 any Easter Products (lists M&M’s, Dove, 3 Mustketeers, Milky Way, Snickers, too many to list) DND  x4/24/11
Minute Ready to Serve Rice $1/2 x6/11/11
Newman’s Own Salad Dressing $ .50/1  x5/15/11
Newmans Own Pasta sauce, salsa, lemonade, marinade or popcorn  $ .50/1  x5/15/11
Newman’s Own Sweet Enough Cereal $1/1 x5/15
Pedigree $1/1 any Dentastix for dogs  x 4/30/11
Pedigree $1/1 any Breathbuster treats for dogs   x4/30/11
Purina $2/2 any cat chow or kitten chow excl. 16 oz., any x 5/15/11
Purina Mighty Dog $3.00/10  x5/9/11
Purina Mighty Dog $1.00/1 12 ct variety pack x5/9/11
StarKist SeaSations Fillets ~ $ .75/1 ~ x4/30
Smuckers $1/1 any Snack ‘n Waffles brand waffles (6/30/11)
Suave $.50/1 any body lotion products 18oz or larger (4/17/11)
Suave B2G1 FREE body wash products up to $2.00 (4/17/11)
Suave $0.50/1 any deodorant product (4/17/11)
Suave Professionals $0.50/2 any styling products (4/17/11)
Suave Professionals $0.50/2 any shampoo or conditioner (4/17/11)
Suave Kids $0.50/1 any shampoo or conditioner products (4/17/11)
Sundown Naturals vitamin or supplement product $1/1    x5/4/11
Temptations $1/2 any indoor, kitten, skin & coat, dentabites or hairball treats for cats x5/1/11
Zyrtec 70 ct ~ $7.00/1 ~ x3/26
Zyrtec 24 ct ~ $4.00/1 ~ x4/30
Zyrtec-D 12 ct ~ $3.00/1 ~ x4/30
PUBLIX- Truvia $1/1 x4/17/11
Southern Living Magazine $1/1   x6/30
People Country Special Magazine $1/1  x5/2

Air Wick $4/1 any Freshmatic Starter Kit (5/1/11)
Air Wick B1G1 FREE any Freshmatic Ultra Refill up to $5.29 (5/1/11)
Aleve $1/1 any product 40ct or larger excludes Aleve-D cold products    x6/30/11
Aleve-D $1/1      x6/30/11
Bayer 24ct or larger $1/1 6/30/11
Bird’s Eye OR Steamfresh $1/3      x5/15/11
Citracal $1/1    x6/30/11
Clean Care/ Aquify $3/1 any twin pack of Clean Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution or AQUIFY Multi Purpose Solution   x5/2/11
Clean Care/ Aquify $1.50/1 12oz or larger  Clean Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution or AQUIFY Multi Purpose Solution   x5/2/11
Depend print or color 6ct or higher $1.50/1    x5/1/11
Depend package $1/1      x5/1/11
Disposer Care $0.55/1 any (6/30/11)
Dishwasher Magic $0.55/1 any size (6/30/11)
Edge $0.55/1 any shave gel – not valid on 2.75oz cans (5/1/11)
Freestyle lite $9.99/1  6/30/11
Freestyle lit strips $20/1 6/30/11
Flinstones Gummies $1/1    x6/30/11
Genteal $1.50/1 x6/30/11
Huggies $1.50/2 any packages of diapers (4/16/11)
Huggies $2/2 any packages of little movers or little snugglers diapers (4/16/11)
Huggies $0.50/1 any package of baby wipes 64ct or larger (4/16/11
Hydroxycut $5/1 all Pro Clinical Advanced pills and drink mix (6/30/11)
Joint Juice $1/1 any supplement drink (5/20/11)
KaBOOM foam-tastic bath or toilet  $.50/1     x 8/31/11
KaBOOM Shower,Tub,&Tile Cleaner $.50/1 x8/31/11
Ken’s Dressings $1/2 any 16 oz  x4/30/11
Ken’s Marinades $1/1 any x4/30/11
Ken’s Dressings B1G1 any 8oz or 9oz  x4/30/11
Kleenex hand towels $.75/1 x 5/15/11
Lysol $1/1 any Neutra air fabric mist  x 4/19/11
Lysol $1.50/1 any Neutra Air aerosol can    x4/19/11
Mentos $0.35/1 any 15 piece or larger gum x5/15/11
Mitchum $.75/1   x 4/24/11
Neosynephrine Product $1/1     x6/30/11
ONE A DAY $1/1 multivitamin product     x 5/20/11
One A Day $1/1 Adult or teen multivitamin   x 6/30/11
Philips Laxative $1.50/1   x6/30/11
Planters Flavor Grove Nuts 4.75-6oz $1/2   x6/30/11
Playtex $2.50/2 any boxes of Gentle Glide Tampons 18ct or larger (5/22/11)
Playtex Sport $2.50/2 any boxes plastic applicator tampons (5/22/11)
Playtex $1/1 any personal cleaning cloths product (5/22/11)
Pull-Ups $1.50/1 jumbo or larger     x 4/16/11
Purnia Little Bites $1.50/1 4lb or larger   x4/9/11
Purina Beggin Strips $1/2 6oz  6/20/11
Purina Beggin Strips $1/2 10oz  6/20/11
Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop $3/1      5/15/11
Rubbermaid Reveal Mopping Pad, Refill bottle or pad $1/1 5/15/11
Sea Best bagged product $1/1      x6/30/11
Sea Best Louisiana fish fry products/ breading items $1/2   6/30/11
Schick Intuition $2/1 any razor or refill (5/1/11)
Schick Quattro $1/1 any Titanium disposable razor package (5/1/11)
Schick Quattro $3/1 any Titanium razor, trimmer or refill 4ct or 8ct (5/1/11)
Scott Bath Tissue $1/1 Extra Soft  8 rolls or more   x5/1/11
Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes $.50/1 tub or refill    x5/1/11
Stella D’oro items $1/2 x5/31/11
Super Iron Out $0.55/1 any size (6/30/11)
Super Iron Out $0.55/1 any size 16 or 24 fl oz. (6/30/11)
Super Iron Out $0.55/1 any size 3.2 or 6.4 oz. (6/30/11)
TRESemme Climate Control $1/1   5/31/11
Washer Magic $0.55/1 any size (6/30/11)
Welch’s $1/2 any boxes of fruit snacks or fruit ‘n yogurt snacks 8ct, 10ct, 24ct or 40ct boxes (5/15/11)
Woolite $1/1 any detergent 50oz or larger  x 4/3/11
Wonderful Pistachios $1/1    x6/30/11
Zantac $1/1 24ct+ 6/30/11
Zaditor $3/1   6/30/11
Zest $1/1 any 18oz body wash (5/15/11)
Zest $1/1 any 3-bar multi-pack or larger (5/15/11)
TARGET- Colgate Max Fresh or White exclude Trial size $1/1   x4/16
PUBLIX—Orville Redenbacher’s $1/3     x 4/16/11
PUBLIX- Rotel $.55/3    x4/16/11

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