WalGreens UPDATE on 1/03

This page will change periodically depending on if I find any deals….


Wralgreens doesn’t have a ‘Rewards’ Card but they do have these big ‘in store’ coupon books, usually located next to the weekly ad by the front door. Pick on of these up usually they are good for the whole month! You can use this in store coupon AND a mnf cnp! They still do rewards but they print out and you don’t need a card to do it 😉

Electrasol 20 pk. or Jet Dry: $3.49 Use 2.25/1cnp, FINAL = 1.24 (use 2.00 in Rewards get 1.50 back for next purchase, Final out of pocket FREE with only loss of .50) WOot! and I need some dishwasher stuff!

DayQuil (10,12 count) or NyQuil 6oz, VapoRub, BabyRub or Vapor Inhaler: $4 each (Get 10.00 wyb 20.00 in these products)10.00, FINAL out of pocket FREE , with loss of 3.00 Rewards)
Halls Cough Drops: SALE 1.00 each USE 1.00/2 cnp FINAL = .50 each

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